Meet Virginia Bautista

The creator of the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn

Virginia Bautista is a LinkedIn and Personal Branding Strategist who has worked with clients from 15 countries in 5 regions worldwide. She has helped her clients attract leads through personal branding and content marketing using LinkedIn, without spending any money on ads.

Virginia is the creator of Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn, and the Founder and Chief Content Strategist at VB Consulting, which helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants — who are experts at what they do — build their influence, monetize their expertise, and attract their ideal clients through personal branding, content marketing, and lead generation using LinkedIn. Virginia works with startup founders, industry leaders, globally recognized coaches and consultants, as well as key executives from Fortune 500 companies.

Virginia helps individuals build their personal brand through LinkedIn. She highlights that LinkedIn is not just a job portal, but a platform for individuals to build their professional network, add value to the LinkedIn community, learn from other experts, and attract like-minded people. Virginia aims to help individuals achieve their career or business goals by utilizing the opportunities offered by LinkedIn. She teaches how to make LinkedIn work for you so that job and client opportunities will come to you.

On April 24, 2022, the news of Virginia’s health condition shocked the LinkedIn community. She was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a brain aneurysm.

Her passion for teaching and helping others was evident in everything she do. The LinkedIn Local Philippines community is now rallying together to show our support and send her positive thoughts and prayers. Read more about Virginia and find the details to support Virginia and her family.

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