Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning 2019

The 100 iconic people you must follow on LinkedIn in Philippines if you really want to go far on your personal LinkedIn journey

Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning 2019

By Virginia Bautista In collaboration with the Editorial Team, Marketing In Asia

The number of Filipino LinkedIn members has tremendously increased in the past few months. Currently, there are already more than 7 million LinkedIn members from the Philippines. While the overwhelming majority of them are content viewers, rather than content creators, the opportunity to build a much more engaging and supportive Filipino LinkedIn community is huge as more Filipinos find value in the content shared by their fellow Filipinos on the platform.

According to LinkedIn, which now has more than 660 million members from 200 countries and regions worldwide, two million posts, videos and articles, as of 2018, flow into the LinkedIn feeds every day.

“Neuroplasticity shows that our brain is in a constant state of development and growth. The key determinants to these are our thoughts and our actions. So the people whom we choose to follow over LinkedIn has a profound impact on how our brain evolves. And time is a very scarce resource. For these reasons, make the deliberate decision to only allow LinkedIn to be a positive force in your work and life.” — Ben Ampil

In my attempt to increase awareness on LinkedIn in the Philippines and inspired by Azleen’s post in 2017, in which he featured the most inspirational LinkedIn icons from Malaysia, I came up with the Top 47 Filipino professionals to follow on LinkedIn for inspiration and learning in 2018.

Introducing this year’s top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn

The 2019 list, as you’ll see, is much bigger than last year’s list as we now have the top 100 Filipinos who create, engage and reshare content on LinkedIn. They’re all Filipino content creators on LinkedIn who have inspired their fellow Filipino LinkedIn members to get them to this year’s list. 

The top 100 Filipinos in the list are from various industries including marketing, training, coaching, consulting, human resources, healthcare, technology, BPO, real estate, etc. 

What They Use LinkedIn For

“Initially, I only use LinkedIn for my own professional purposes – to recruit and be recruited. But when I realised that I can use it as a platform to create significance, I started using my passion in writing to influence people to become a better version of themselves.” — Raymond Victorino

  • To share and seek advice from like-minded professionals;
  • To look for the best talent and recruits;
  • To find potential clients;
  • To build relationships with people from different parts of the world;
  • To learn about industry insights; 
  • To have their “daily dose of work positivity, wisdom and inspiration”;
  • To share information, to inspire and share their advocacies;
  • To connect with industry peers.

What their Favourite Posts Say About Filipino Content Creators and Viewers on LinkedIn 

Unlike last year, instead of asking about what they post, we asked them to share their favourite or most successful post(s) and tell us why. 

Their answers and the engagement they received in their favourite or most successful posts gave us an idea about the reason behind their posts and the topics or themes that resonate with their audience who are predominantly from the Philippines. 

Here’s what we’ve learned from a few of them:

Reality shows. Francis Kong said that this post below was one of his most successful posts because it “reflects truth and reality.”

Sharing is caringJonathan Yabut considered the post below his favourite because “it is my personal mantra in life: that being ambitious is a good thing when you know you deserve more, when you work hard for it and when it’s for the benefit of more people.” 

By sharing his personal mantra with his LinkedIn network, he was able to inspire thousands of Filipinos who found his post relatable.

Personal and professional stories workPatt Soyao cited two of his favourite/most successful posts, which according to him, made him realise that “both professional and personal stories” resonate with LinkedIn members. And I definitely agree with him!

Learning mattersKimwell Sto. Domingo on the other hand, shows that indeed, Filipinos want to learn about things that matter to them, including securing their future financially. Here’s one of his favourite posts that educate Filipinos about making investments.

Storytelling goes a long wayKen Lerona’s post about a Grab driver shows that a “simple and sincere story” demonstrating the importance of kindness resonated with the Filipinos.

The one thing I noticed in this post by Ken is the use of the Filipino language. Inspired by Ken’s post, Eunice Punzalan shared a post to encourage the use of Tagalog on LinkedIn and she was astounded by the engagement the post has garnered.

LinkedIn for Filipinos: Only in the Philippines

For someone like me who’s on LinkedIn seven days a week sharing my own content, managing my clients’ LinkedIn Pages, testing what works and what doesn’t work and observing how the community engages with posts on their feeds, it’s easy to see that the way Filipinos use LinkedIn is not exactly the same as how LinkedIn members from the rest of the world use the platform.

And that is why following their fellow Filipinos, especially for beginners, makes a lot of sense. 

So here now is our interview with this year’s Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn.

1. Francis Kong

Number of Followers: 96,442
Industry: Business Consultancy, Publishing

Who I am. I am an entrepreneur and a communicator. My passion is learning and sharing ideas to as many people as possible with the intention of inspiring people to do their best and to be at their best in terms of character and productivity.

What I do. I own businesses. I write books, maintain a weekend business column at The Philippine Star. I maintain a radio programme called “Business Matters” over DZFE FM for the last twenty plus years. I do a lot of speaking and training both here and abroad. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to post ideas and share them with people as well as to learn from others who have shared theirs. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. To discover new ideas and join me in the process of learning. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Jack Welch.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s one of my most engaging posts, which I think was successful because it reflects truth and reality.

2. Jonathan Yabut

Number of Followers: 71,038
Industry: Management Consulting, Marketing

Who I am. Dubbed as Asia’s millennial guru, I am the Season 1 Winner of the hit reality TV show, The Apprentice Asia. I am a motivational speaker and learner who believes that anyone can make it big through the power of grit and growth mindset.  

What I do. I provide professional consultancy involving career management and marketing, focusing on millennial audiences or businesses with millennial audiences. 

What I use LinkedIn for. Business, networking, sharing and seeking advice with like-minded professionals.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share on a daily basis science-backed and experience-rich information about career management, leadership and public speaking.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Blake Mycoskie, Adam Grant. 

My favourite or most successful post. This post speaks about the value of stretching yourself beyond your comfort zones or limitations designed by the people around you. This is also my favourite post because it is my personal mantra in life: that being ambitious is a good thing when you know you deserve more, when you work hard for it, and when it’s for the benefit of more people.

3. Patrick Jess A. Dimayuga 

Number of Followers: 31,125
Industry: FMCG/Consumer Goods

Who I am. I value candidate experience. For me, it’s really important. I enjoy employer branding and I’m excited to build engaging content and build a strong employer brand.

I’m passionate “to help”. I find fulfillment helping people find jobs, helping companies to attract the best talents and I am honoured every time people ask me about tips on how to negotiate, how to manage an offer, what can they do. I believe in progress over perfection. I appreciate each small win and continue to improve and be better.

On the side, I have a food account/blog @thepatkidinside. I’m happy because I’m able to combine my passion for food and helping people. I was given an opportunity to help small businesses.

What I do. Recruitment and Employer Branding.

What I use LinkedIn for. Looking for the best talents, connecting with other professionals, sharing HR tips.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I’m authentic. I show passion and I am always excited to share what I know and give tips/advice to job seekers.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Jonathan Yabut, Francis Kong, Oleg Vishenepolsky.

My favourite or most successful post. This post is my favourite because I felt the love and support of my followers and they saw my Coca-Cola journey. It’s always inspiring to see comments and reactions on my tips and HR advice. I know in my own little way I’m able to inspire and help someone. I sometimes receive personal messages thanking me and kind notes from other job seekers.

4. Ben Ampil

Number of Followers: 30,337
Industry: Management Consulting & Corporate Training

Who I am. “Amplius” is the Latin word for “Greater”. The story goes that Michaelangelo once went to the studio of the Italian Renaissance Painter, Raphael. Michaelangelo saw what Raphael was working on and, being dissatisfied with what he felt to be a subpar expression of Raphael’s talents, took a piece of charcoal and scribbled “Amplius” across the canvas. 

In doing so, Michaelangelo was encouraging Raphael to be “greater” than what his current work was reflecting. If you were to do research on Renaissance Painters, 3 Artists would surface, namely; Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and… Raphael. 

Who knows what would have happened had it not been for that “Amplius” moment. If I were to do an “Elevator Pitch”, it would state: “I am a Student and Teacher of Simple Truths that would enable People to live their Best Lives”.

What I do. I do Corporate Trainings, Motivational & Keynote Talks and Management Consulting work for Companies and Businesses. I have spoken all over the Philippines for the Top Corporations. I have also been a Keynote Speaker on the topic of Neuroscience and its applications overseas (Bangkok, London, Tokyo & Melbourne).

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn is a great platform to know people and to “get known”. I have developed a rich and deep friendships with people from all over the world who share my passion over “Neuroscience”. I also use it to market Solutions that I offer to Problems which have been approached with “Old Views” and “Old Tools”… whereas the marketplace has already drastically evolved and transformed into something that requires a radical new way of looking at things.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. My Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Equation is: “Your Success = Science (Neuroscience & NLP) + Management Theory (gained from my degrees in Engineering, Business, Economics & IT) + Experience (over 20 years’ Corporate experience in various cross-functional disciplines of General Management in a variety of Industries)”. So I offer content that is well-rooted, interesting, relevant and definitely value-adding.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. My exemplars in the fields of Neuroscience, NLP & Positivity: Debbie Hampton, Shalee Schafeitel, Alexandra Galviz, Fadela Hilali & David Rock.

Filipinos whose Ideas & Inputs I value are Virigina Bautista, Sheila Lobien, Ken Lerona, Jeff Manhilot & Ana Maria (Penny) Bongato)

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post.

5. Oliver Requilman

Number of Followers: 30,224
Industry: Healthcare

Who I am. I am passionate about learning and life education but I also have learned to regulate my desires to a substantial level. I have always known and have held the belief that justice can be both equal and equitable.   

What I do. I speak at many conferences, summits and learning sessions simply because I know that in order for me to learn more, I must first learn to share what I know. This process is called knowledge.   

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for research, news and updates on recent trends. I get to know what came and what’s coming up in the industry.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me for opportunities, career advice and sheer learning. I can also be a life coach for career and life in general.   

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow a lot of people. From known names up to the next best thing on LinkedIn.    

My favourite or most successful post. Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! (June 4, 2015) – I wrote this article and it was passed around for countless times.

6. Jose Enrico V. Libunao

Number of Followers: 29,780
Industry: Real Estate – Learning and Development

Who I am. Thirteen. That’s where we start. Having studied in that many schools changes your perspective of the world and life in general. I am Jose Enrico V. Libunao and to be honest, I am not even supposed to be here. 

Being the voice of the underdogs, I challenge the norms and speak of topics and ideas that many would consider taboo. I believe that humour and communication are the greatest assets to success. 

These are two things I hold dear and are very evident in my posts as well as in all my talks. As much as possible, without surrender, I’ll tell you what you need to hear, even at the risk of possibly offending you. 

I never turn down opportunities to share what I’ve learned so far in life. Lastly, I can’t wait to be forty. Don’t ask why.

What I do. I head the HR and Sales Development Department of Ayala Land Sales, Incorporated. This spans recruitment, training, engagement, comp and ben (compensation and benefit), as well as logistics and marketing.

What I use LinkedIn for. As a recruiter, I use LinkedIn primarily to source candidates. However, and by mere stroke of luck, my following increased and I saw the opportunity to use this platform to reach out to a larger audience about real, funny and sometimes bitter issues in the workplace. People can see and smell authenticity and that’s what they get from me.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn.

  • If you are tired of people talking about themselves all the time and how successful they have become;
  • If you don’t get easily offended by the occasional sarcasm, puns and truth bombs;
  • If you value authenticity and real world advice and tips. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Just about everyone who might be a potential recruit or employer.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

7. Paul Garcia

Number of Followers: 29,272
Industry: IT Industry

Who I am. I am an IT professional who has worked across a wide array of intensive industries such as financing, logistics, garments, manufacturing, construction, chemical, hospital, staffing and security. My enterprising nature led me in founding Raegnatrix where my business savvy and experience will provide direct input and insight on organisational issues, corporate strategy and key business decisions.

What I do. I help business organisations maximise their existing resources for better profit and customer relations through sound business advice for future growth.

What I use LinkedIn for. For making friends and professional avenue to help other professionals.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. With my long years in corporate work in different industries, I learned different processes, people dynamics, management styles and business strategies. I am happy and privileged to share that knowledge and experience to all LI professionals and contacts and be of assistance to their growth and success. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Malissa Ancajas, Francis Kong, Patrick Jess Dimayuga, Ken Lerona, Jeff Manhilot, Ben Ampil, Sheena Yap Chan, Kalil Magtoto, Leann Abad, Karen Batungbacal, Cliff Meng. Adora, Oliver Requilman, Miggy Azurin, Francis Gary Viray, Ron Elius Santos, Fulgencio Jeronimo Reyes, Edna Eufemio, Kimwell Sto. Domingo, Nix Eniego, Joseph Uy-Ching , Kassy Pajarillo, Gino Borromeo, Ariel Magtoto, Glenn Ong, Herica Camunas Honcolada, Lorybeth Baldrias-Serrano, Oliver J.A. Bohol, Paul Dio, Rienzie Biolena, Erwinson Gabia, Jane Martinito, Patt Soyao, Louis Chito Gomez, Francis Miranda, Mohana Serrano, Jeremy Kris Cortez, Frances Rachel Kong, Delby Bragais, Rey Baguio, Froilan Aloro, Bonnie Factor, Lloyd Luna, Adrian Goh, Weng Noel Tarrazona, Angelica Diloy, Cielo Marte Presas, Myron Sta. Ana.

My favourite or most successful post. In all my posts, I can’t say that I have had a successful one yet. My posts are generally inspired and motivated by my own past and current experiences. I share these solely in the hope that it would be beneficial and relevant to anyone (or everyone) and aid them in their career and business journeys.

8. Ken Lerona

Number of Followers: 24,669
Industry: Marketing & PR

Who I am. I’m an experienced marketing, brand and communication professional in the Philippines with special interest in brand management, public relations, media, customer relations and entrepreneurship. 

I have more than 10 years of broad experience in strategic and tactical aspects of Marketing both in traditional and emerging digital platforms. I believe in humanising marketing by telling human stories beyond data. 

My professional experience covers various industries, including FMCG, retail and leisure, telecommunications, real estate, digital platform and logistics technology. As part of my advocacy, I am often invited to speak about marketing, branding and public relations.

What I do. I do marketing, corporate communication and public relations.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to share my thoughts on people, brand, marketing, public relations and career.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share stories and bite-sized on the go pieces on people, brand, marketing, public relations and career.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut, Virginia Bautista, Jeff Manhilot.

My favourite or most successful post. This post is about a Grab driver which I wrote and earned nearly 15,000 reactions and reached about 300,000 LinkedIn users. I think it is because this simple and sincere story resonated with a lot of Filipino professionals that kindness is important. I am glad that a lot of us are willing to go out of our way to help someone who is just starting out in their jobs. I still believe in the Filipino malasakit spirit.

9. Patt Soyao

Number of Followers: 23,002
Industry: Human Resources and Events

Who I am. I want to influence as many people as I can in a lifetime. My passion includes Public Speaking, Talent Acquisition and Development and Leadership. I believe in human potential and how a talent can change the course of any organisation.

What I do. I’m a Headhunter, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

What I use LinkedIn for. Sharing my thoughts on a bigger platform.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. If you want self propelling and insightful thoughts that are grounded in experience, then please, don’t just follow me, let’s have a chat.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Prof Eric Soriano, my former professor and mentor. A globally competitive executive. A leader in Family Business Governance, Marketing and Executive Management. Strategic and Insightful. The real deal.

My favourite or most successful post. I have two posts that were successful: This one and this post show that both professional and personal stories can resonate with Linkedin users. It just shows that practicality and authenticity will always be of value to any audience.

10. Kimwell B. Sto. Domingo

Number of Followers: 22,306
Industry: Investments, Finance, Management Consultancy

Who I am. I’m Kimwell B. Sto. Domingo, a Certified Public Accountant since 20 years old. I also started having my own investments at the age of 20. 

Currently, I have my own tax and management consultancy clients, investment clients, as well as having a business on the side. I’m a graduate from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. From the struggles that I’ve triumphed, it has led me to believe and I’ve learned that, in everything we do, we must do it with integrity as well as honesty while possessing the passion to excel.

What I do. I’m currently an active stock market investor/trader, while managing a business on the side, handling my own tax and management consultancy clients and investment clients. Aside from that, I’m also a branch trainer of licensed financial consultants. 

During my free time, I’m actively sharing the hows of strategic investing in stocks, bonds, variable life insurance and mutual funds.

What I use LinkedIn for. To provide LinkedIn users with information and updates about different kinds of investments.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I give free tips on how to handle investments. I provide ideas and techniques on how to invest strategically. Whenever I have time, I gather a group of people and discuss with them how to invest in stocks, variable life insurances, bonds and mutual funds for free. I also do some corporate seminars to discuss investments.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow many LinkedIn professionals, but the ones I always look up to are Mr. Francis Kong, Mr. Jonathan Yabut, Ms. Virginia Bautista, Ms. Brigette Hyacinth and Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk (thank God they accepted my LinkedIn connection requests).

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

11. Darwin Rivers

Number of Followers: 21,631
Industry: BPO/Shared Services Industry

Who I am. Aiming to be a Man of Great Value to the World rather than a Man of Success.

What I do. Country HR & Admin Director. Motivational Speaker. Certified Life Coach. HR Guru. Agile Leader. Founder & President of the Philippines HR Group.

What I use LinkedIn for. Networking.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share motivational and inspirational stories and experiences. I also share HR Best Practices and Industry Updates.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Bjorn Martinoff, Jonathan Yabut, Brigette Hyacinth.

12. Jordan Mendoza

Number of Followers: 17,545
Industry: Training & Development

Who I am. I am an optimist who values kindness. I enjoy creating content and inspiring others through learning.

What I do. I oversee sales training & social media engagement nationally for a property management company.

What I use LinkedIn for. Personal branding, networking, learning and to post original content. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I hope that my posts inspire people to realise that life can be what they want if you stay positive, humble and work hard.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuck, Brigette Hyacinth, John Maxwell, Ed Mylett, Lorena Acosta, Brian Schulman, Diana Nguyen, Ahmad Imam.

My favourite and most successful post. This post is special to me because I live it everyday. I smile at everyone I see because someone may need it.

13. Joseph Uy-Ching

Number of Followers: 18,510
Industry: Financial Industry

Who I am. I believe that there are no shortcuts in life. You must work hard and have the passion in everything that you do. 

What I do. I am a branch manager who handles many professionals under me and through my job, I am learning to strive to become a better leader and to ensure that I guide them the best way that I can. Moreover, I am in the business of helping savers achieve their dreams and aspirations through financial education and advice.   

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for my branding to link other individuals to join my advocacy as a financial manager.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You should follow me on LinkedIn because I have a lot of content about leadership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow individuals who greatly influence other people and who I can also learn from constantly . 

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post because it teaches people how to look for business partners in order to create a successful business. In the Philippines, people are usually hesitant to start businesses because it is hard to look for trustworthy partners and they are afraid to take risks. 

But if one wants to build a successful business, one must take the risk and venture out by expanding one’s network because no man is an island and it will benefit the business because of many diverse and innovative ideas.

14. Sheena Yap Chan

Number of Followers: 17,950
Industry: Self development, media

Who I am. Helping women see their worth and potential.

What I do. Founder and Host of The Tao of Self Confidence podcast.

What I use LinkedIn for. To connect with like minded people and share positive information.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share information that can help you in your daily life.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Virginia Bautista, Kassy Pajarillo, Jane Martinito.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

15. Mark Laurence Relova

Number of Followers: 16,484
Industry: Life Insurance

Who I am. I am a learning and organisation development practitioner who believe in the power of positive organisational psychology. I hold a Ph.D. in Organisation Development. Teaching at the university from time to time gives me energy, as much as mentoring others excite me. I believe in being authentic and in team psychological safety.

What I do. I am currently Vice President and Head of Troo Lab. Troo is East West Ageas Life Insurance Corporation. 

In my current role, I am accountable for the performance of 3 verticals: (1) Education (Learning, Training Delivery), (2) Talent Management and Development (Leadership Development, Career and Succession Planning) and (3) Organisation Development (Culture Building, Engagement and Creative Thinking). From time to time, I mentor Filipino L&D practitioners by teaching at Ateneo CORD. 

What I use LinkedIn for. Professional networking, sharing of insights, continuous learning.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Share insights, experiences and latest discussions on Learning and Organisation Development.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Book authors, inspiring corporate executives.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

16. June Myrrh Dueñas 

Number of Followers: 15,502
Industry:  Real Estate & Insurance

Who I am. I am a strong independent woman with a sensitive heart that values loyalty & honesty. I speak my mind, I am free spirited and outgoing but I also enjoy the serenity of being alone and enjoying my own company. 

I am a lover of nature and living my dream of living next to the beach, enjoying the most of my island life in Boracay. I enjoy exploring new places and immersing myself in local experiences when travelling, learning the culture, tasting local food and meeting local people. I believe in the law of karma, what you give out to the world is what you get back in return. I value the love of family, they are my backbone and strength. I appreciate good laughs and meaningful conversations of friends and even strangers, as strangers are friends waiting to be made. 

I wanted to make an impact on the world in my own small ways. In the career path that I am on now, I believe that I am inspiring and educating people to travel, to invest and to live life to its fullest and with purpose. 

What I do. I am a Realtor promoting real estate investments in the Philippines; a Financial Advisor providing financial education about life, variable and general insurance & a Travel Consultant based in Boracay.

What I use LinkedIn for. To broaden my social network, meet like minded professionals and learn from their work through social media. I share listings of properties for sale. Updates and information about the Philippines developments, attractions, success stories, local products and other positive related news about our country. I also share positive and inspiring stories about travels, investments and life in general. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I would be constantly sharing positive and informative updates about real estate, insurance, travel and life in general. So follow me on my journey of learning, sharing and progressing. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Gary Varynerchuk, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey.

My favourite or most successful post. Why Invest in Boracay? and Why Invest In condominium?

17. Nelson Sequitin

Number of Followers: 14,358
Industry: Financial Services

Who I am. My name is Nelson, I radiate love, excellence and generosity!

What I do. Wealth Planner & Recruitment Leader|Sun Life Financial |The Philippine’s Leader in Life & Investments.

What I use LinkedIn for. Connecting with potential recruits and clients.

Why you should follow me. Anyone interested in financial literacy, investing, financial planning, retirement planning and people who are considering a career as a Financial Advisor.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

18. Froilan N. Aloro 

Number of Followers: 14,147
Industry: Healthcare, IT

Who I am. I am a firm believer of Integrity and People Development. As a Leader, I look up to leaders and mentors who say they value their people and abide by that rule. Since my passion is about employee empowerment, employee engagement and employee wellness, I dedicate my time and effort to help improve the status of our working class.

What I do. I am a Registered Nurse by profession. But my professional life is geared towards different pathways that lead me to the creation of my current platform: that aims to provide information of companies to job seekers.

What I use LinkedIn for. I primarily use LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals out there that needs assistance in looking for jobs, preparing to be hired and also improve their professional careers. I also use LinkedIn for networking and to help create contents to promote inspiration, greater outlook in life and encourage other professionals to maximise Linkedin for whatever purpose it may serve them.

Why you should follow me. I am pretty much approachable and I love to share my experiences, skills, any insights that may help other professionals out there. Also, I make it a point that I post contents that bring value to other members. I also made it a tradition that the new LinkedIn users following me, I welcome them to the platform and introduce them to other significant members as well.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Patrick Jess Dimayuga, Virginia Bautista, Patt Soyao, Delby Bragais, Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon, Kassy Pajarillo, Darwin Rivers, Jose Enrico Libunao, Oliver Requilman.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post. When you create a content in LinkedIn, do not be afraid that it may not gather engagement. As long as the content is authentic and came from your own experiences, sooner not later, people will notice and then who knows, you might be the next LinkedIn Influencer.

19. Josiah Go

Number of Followers: 13,353
Industry: Consulting

Who I am. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and service to the community.

What I do. I am an author, consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, blogger among others.

What I use LinkedIn for. I share my Q&A with various business leaders, as well as my articles on marketing and innovation.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. To know the POV of top Filipino business leaders.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Post from various top providers of executive education.

My favourite or most successful post. Post from various top providers of executive education.

20. Luigi Felix D. Simbulan

Number of Followers: 12,137
Industry: BPO Industry (Recruitment)

Who I am. When it comes to work, I’m very dedicated to my job. Since the attrition under BPO is high, that’s why I always set my target every week, read articles to get some tips and advice on how to source for candidates. 

What I do. I love playing basketball, watching series, reading books and hanging out with my friends. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for sourcing applicants and to grow my network.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You should follow me on LinkedIn because I can share my learnings and experiences with you and I will also try to help those who are in need of candidates. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Most of the time, I want to follow executives because I want to see their posts when it comes to work and I want to learn from them.

My favourite or most successful post. To be honest, all of my posts are my favourite because even though there are no comments but they are viewing my post so it’s more than enough.

21. Erwinson Gabia

Number of Followers: 11,792
Industry: Photography

Who I am. Life is like learning how to ride a skimboard. You fall hard many times. You learn from each fall and get up. Each wave is different. The harder you run the better the ride.

What I do. I create Street View Imagery at Google Maps.

What I use LinkedIn for. Google Maps tips, news and how to’s. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn if you would like to receive news feed about Google Maps news and tips.  

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Paul Garcia and Cielo Marte Presas.

My favourite or most successful post. This is one of my favourite posts due to its location (Google HQ). A 360 for Net Group Corporation. A project I got through LinkedIn.

22. Bonnie Factor

Number of Followers:11,064
Industry: eCommerce, Startups, Public Speaking, Corporate & Public Workshop Facilitation

Who I am. I believe in learning & growing everyday. I love personal growth & development & it’s been the key to my success. I meditate twice a day and like billionaires who have the same habit, this helps me be creative & attract every joyful & growing experience I need in life.

What I do. I’m a co-founder of eCFULFILL. I’m an Ambassador of Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition. I’m an international keynote speaker. I’m very passionate about workshop facilitations.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to connect to fellow professionals in the global startup scene.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I post articles about startups, eCommerce, personal growth & development (my ultra favourite topic), leadership, digital marketing, inspiration, motivation, meditation, etc.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Billionaire Ray Dalio, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates and a lot of venture capitalists. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post on LinkedIn.

23. Rey Baguio

Number of Followers: 10,842
Industry: Digital Marketing

Who I am. I am passionate in doing digital that matters to you.

What I do. I consult with people, brands and businesses to help them align to profitable opportunities through digital marketing. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I am on LinkedIn to build my brand, connect with people I want to learn from or work with and just to know what interesting people do with their time on LinkedIn.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Well, if you want to learn and figure out ways to avoid being overwhelmed by digital strategy.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Hmm. People I find interesting, curious and insightful.

My favourite or most successful post. No particular post comes to my mind now.

24. Maria Korina Bertulfo

Number of Followers: 9,775
Industry: Social Enterprise

Who I am. I help moms thrive in their online career so that they can earn enough without leaving their family.

What I do. Founder & CEO at Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS), Ambassador at, Canva Certified Creative at Canva.

What I use LinkedIn for. To widen my network that will help my advocacy.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. So that I can help you land an online job and earn while you stay at home with your kid/s.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. People that helps me widen my knowledge and connections to succeed in FHMOMS’ vision. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post/article

25. Ian Santos 

Number of Followers: 9,250
Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Who I am. My passion is building people up and developing them as productive professionals and individuals. I believe that we should generously pay forward and that we should always be thankful and grateful for our blessings, no matter the circumstances that we are in. I am an eternal optimist, always looking for what is right and bright in our careers and life.

What I do. Country Manager of Mundipharma Philippines.

What I use LinkedIn for. I’ve been using LinkedIn for the last ten years and I have gained so much from the wisdom and great content being shared within the community. Nowadays, I am trying to pay it forward by sharing insights and perspectives based on my career & life learnings and experiences.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I talk about both successes and failures when I post, aiming to share lessons that may be of value to others in the LinkedIn community.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I usually follow people who inspire and motivate through their experiences and ideas.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

26. Raymond Victorino

Number of Followers: 8,828
Industry: Consumer Electronics

Who I am. I am a purpose-driven Christian family man, working as a HR professional in the corporate world. I serve God by serving others. 

What I do. I use my gifts and talents to influence others to develop more leaders than can lead their own selves, others and their business, so they can create significance to other people.

What I use LinkedIn for. Initially, I only use LinkedIn for my own professional purposes – to recruit and be recruited. But when I realised that I can use it as a platform to create significance, I started using my passion in writing to influence people to become a better version of themselves.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Each person has his own unique experiences and lessons in life that’s worth sharing. Every person has a story to tell. My only commitment is to generously share every learning that I have, with the hope of creating a positive impact in their lives.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. VIrginia Bautista, Francis Kong and Jonathan Yabut, to name a few Pinoys.

My favourite or most successful post. To me, this is the most successful post because I finally had the courage and will to share my career story. It sums up my work life in the past 14 years. I believe that somehow, someone can identify himself with that story in the hope that it can be an inspiration, for him to at least take that first step to a better and more fulfilling life.

27. Kassy Pajarillo

Number of Followers: 8,769
Industry: Startup Education

Who I am. I am part of a generation of Women Entrepreneurs. A multi-passionate serial entrepreneur whose roots came from the hospitality industry and a few start-up ventures. My mission is to help, inspire and encourage 7 out of 10 Filipinos to dream big and drive their ambition through transformative and progressive education, by embracing lifelong learning. 

My personal goal is to make mindful leadership and workplace culture a priority rather than a second thought, bring joy in the workplace, keep more personal human connection and interaction going; and for everyone to drive ambition everyday. I live with our manifesto – collaboration over competition, live our calling, breathe a culture of leadership and kindness.

What I do. I am a startup founder, marketing consultant for online and offline progressive and transformative educational events, personal branding and learning programmes, motivational speaker, digital marketer, host, writer and consultant.

What I use LinkedIn for. Building relationships and voicing out my mission to bring in a culture of leadership, communicate a mindset that it’s great to be ambitious.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. If you’ve got a big audacious goal, an ambition that you want to unleash and further voice out for the world to know, I’d love to meet you, be part of our Ambitious Tribe and drive ambition together. We need more encouragers who’s equally courageous and vulnerable but have a big mission to live by.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow positive, optimistic and encouraging thought-leaders and change-makers who also advocates lifelong learning, generously give wisdom and knowledge, those who are selfless and are on a mission to make the world a much better place. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s one of my favourite posts wherein, I’ve shared that truly, the best investment you can ever give and take is by giving yourself everything that you need in order to achieve your goals by investing in your progressive and transformative growth. And, this post, wherein I shared how grateful I will always be and why teaching LinkedIn is my way to give back.

28. Nix Eniego

Number of Followers: 8,639
Industry: Marketing/Advertising

Who I am. I’m a millennial marketer driven to become one of the best in the world at what I do. I want to master my craft and share what I know to as many professionals, freelancers and marketers as I can. I believe that God placed me in this world to share my talent and create a bigger impact in the world.

What I do. VP Marketing at GetCraft, a premium creative network. Co-founder at Social Media Academy, an online school for social media marketing.

What I use LinkedIn for. Learning new things, connecting with peers in the industry.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. If you want unfiltered marketing and career advice from a passionate millennial.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Gerhardt.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite recent post because the lesson here is very simple. People often think marketing oneself is this “grand” and complicated thing. When in fact, marketing or personal branding is simply doing your best to help others, in your own little way. Share what you know. Even if it’s a simple post, or comment. Just share and give value to your network… You’re guaranteed to be rewarded.

29. Ana Maria (Penny) Bongato

Number of Followers: 8,208
Industry: Coaching and Training

Who I am. My life purpose is to help, inspire and transform Filipino lives for Filipinos to dream and achieve bigger goals and be the best version of ourselves. I believe that the Filipinos can truly achieve whatever we want to be.   

What I do. I do workshops on the Success Principles of Jack Canfield (I am a certified Canfield trainer and the Canfield Methodology). I am a motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach. I am passionate about what I do.

What I use LinkedIn for. To learn from others and to be able to inspire others too.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. My goal is to reach 100,000 Filipinos and inspire them to be the best that they can be. I have been able to learn the success principles and applied it in my life and I am passionate about teaching the principles to as many people, particularly Filipinos, as much as I can. My goal is 100,000 Filipino lives now, one million tomorrow (long term goal).

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Ben Ampil, Virginia Bautista.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post because it is when I realised my purpose that I was able to spread my wings and help others. I know that if I can, other Filipinos can too! 

30. Jomarc Baquiran

Number of Followers: 7,718
Industry: AEC, M&E, MFG, Education

Who I am. I believe in the power of education & technology and how it can change lives for the good. Jomarc E. Baquiran is a passionate mechanical design engineer and technology evangelist. In addition, he is an Autodesk Expert Elite, Autodesk Certified Instructor, LinkedIn Advocate, BIM Advocate and an Adobe Education Trainer.

What I do. For education, I inspire young students to take up STEaM profession. For graduating students and professionals, I share technical knowledge, help them succeed in their desired career and profession in the areas of AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction), MFG (Manufacturing) & M&E (Media & Entertainment). On the other hand, I assist academic Institutions produce graduates who are ready for the global workforce or as entrepreneurs. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to inspire students to take up STEaM profession in the near future. In addition, I help students and young professionals to be successful in their chosen careers by sharing my experiences and knowledge gained from years of being on LinkedIn. I provide thought leadership in the areas of AEC, MFG and M&E. Lastly, I inspire fellow professionals and students to invest more in education than entertainment.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. For students, career shifters and young professionals, I can help you land your dream job and be successful in your desired career with digital credentials and creating a positive impact on our society with LinkedIn. For Academic Institutions, they allow me to be a helping hand in producing graduates who are ready for the global workforce. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I never get tired of reading posts or reposts from Virginia Bautista. It’s a constant reminder of staying focused to my mission of doing my best to be a blessing to all.

My favourite or most successful post. This post is one of the best. Hearing career advice from the world’s most influential thinkers, leaders, and innovators. People who have run the top companies, created the most beloved brands, transformed industries and changed the world. This course brings together the best insights from the collection of LinkedIn interviews with LinkedIn Influencers.

31. Eric Riego de Dios

Number of Followers: 7,533
Industry: Legal Industry

Who I am. Believer, Learner, Explorer and Educator.

What I do. I enable successful personal and enterprise transformations. 

What I use LinkedIn for. As a platform to educate and elevate the people’s management practices.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. To keep abreast with current trends in people management and corporate transformation.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow Bill Gates, founder of the most valuable company in the world; Josh Bersin, prolific HR trendsetter and Arianna Huffingtom, rest and wellness advocate.

My favourite or most successful post. This article has been my most successful as it represented me well as a professional and as an individual. It showed my passion for change and to lead others through the change. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the LinkedIn link as it is more than 2 years ago.

32. Sean Si

Number of Followers: 7,503
Industry: Search Engine Optimisation

Who I am. I’m a blogger and writer. Writing has been my passion ever since I was a child and it’s also the reason why I found SEO. I’m an SEO Specialist, Web Developer and blogging coach/consultant. I’m the founder and CEO of 4 companies: SEO Hacker, Qeryz, Sigil and Workplays. I’m a business-minded, Chinese-blooded Filipino and a God-fearing, Bible-believing, born-again Christian.

What I do. I currently manage a team of 50 people – split between millennials and centennials while helping them grow professionally one step at a time. I’m currently working on scaling up our company, managing matters that a CEO should handle and growing the people I’ve employed.

What I use LinkedIn for. I mainly use it for networking and connections. I also use it to promote my blog posts in my personal website.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. To get updated on my latest thoughts, ideas and experiments as an entrepreneur, born-again Christian and as a leader. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Authorities on my chosen fields. People like Rand Fishkin, Cyrus Shepard, Brian Dean and other like-minded individuals.

My favourite or most successful post. Since most of my posts have almost the same number of engagements, it was hard for me to find my best performing posts (aside from having to sift through hundreds of posts because I’ve been on LinkedIn for a long while now). But this specific post is one of the most engaged posts I’ve made and it still has traction up to this day.

33: Shekinah Anne Ong-Garcia

Number of Followers: 6,886

Who I am. An attitude of service and integrity are my top values. Co-operation is something that I strongly believe in as well because I have faith in the importance of working as a team – I am an advocate of respecting and supporting each other to achieve outstanding results. My professional values are the same as my personal values. 

What I do. I am currently a Sales and Support Manager for a BPO company in Clark Pampanga.

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn is my social media application of choice as I use it to spread company updates, leadership tips, life motivation and fun facts. It’s the best platform to promote recruitment and client marketing efforts. In essence, LinkedIn for me is an extension of my thirst to lead, motivate and influence. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I bring insights based on my experience. The content that I create are authentic as I’ve been in the workforce industry for more than 14 years now. I worked my way up in the corporate ladder and had to go through a lot of difficulties, challenges and opportunities – so lessons from these experiences are what I write about. 

I am also an avid participant of the LinkedIn Career Advice to offer my life lessons (whenever applicable) to other professionals who may need advice.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. People who can lead and motivate me, people who inspire me to be a better version of myself, and people who I can learn from are the individuals whom I follow. To name a few, I follow Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oleg Vishnepolsky, Francis Kong, John C. Maxwell, Tim Reid, Brigette Hyacinth, Virginia Bautista and a lot more.

My favourite or most successful post. A successful post for me is when I get to connect or interact with a number of my connections. It just makes me feel glad to be able to communicate with a lot of people. This content regarding EOP is my most viewed post. This content regarding mismanagement is my most shared post. And this content regarding an analogy between hot air balloons and life garnered me my most number of connection requests in a day.

34. Jextaire Fabian

Number of Followers: 6,764
Industry: FMCG , AgriScience / Pharmaceutical

Who I am. Family and Integrity are my core values. When I say ‘family’, it is my immediate family as well as my extended family (friends /relatives/ colleagues). I value it very much, spending time with them and family alike. Integrity is my second most important core value. I am a man of my word and true to it especially in my profession as an HR, it is very important. 

I am a person who “walks the talk” and believe that with these two core values nothing will go wrong. Every time I decide on any issue or challenge, I am sure that these two values are intact in that decision. 

I am a very passionate HR and a people person. As a well-rounded HR professional, as a generalist (here as well as in the ASEAN region) and HR Business Partner, I am an employee relations and conflict management expert, seasoned CBA Negotiator and a People Manager who is currently managing the administration of human resources and administrative programmes in areas of recruitment and placement, training and development, employee relations, industrial and labour relations, strategic wage and benefit administration, policy formulation and implementation and organisational development and learnings and change management just to name a few in the ASEAN region. 

I am an excellent talent enabler and have wide experience in skills gap assessment. My profession as an HR practitioner is my Life Vocation. 

What I do. Human Resources practitioner, people enabler, Mentor and Coach.

What I use LinkedIn for. I provide inspiration, mentor and coach talents. I also use LinkedIn to be inspired, to connect with people who provide great ideas, insights and new views/perspective in life and career.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I can help develop your talents. I can provide advice for your career, life and other matters that you need to unleash your potential and skills.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. People who provide inspiration, ideas and motivation such as Francis Kong, Virginia Bautista, Doreen Cooper, Jeff Manhilot and others.  

My favourite or most successful post. Here.

35. Edwin Ebreo

Number of Followers: 6,644
Industry: HROD Consulting

Who I am. I am a highly experienced HR and OD professional. I am passionate about talent development. I believe that an organisation’s success depends a lot on the culture it builds. This means equipping leaders for shaping the organisation’s culture building. 

It also means aligning people in terms of heart and mind for optimal alignment and contribution to organisational success. For all of these to happen, HR and OD professionals need to get out of the old transactional mindset and move towards becoming strategic partners to their organisation. I endeavour, through every chance I get, to share my thoughts on how HR professionals can grow themselves to be able to grow their organisations.

What I do. I lead ExeQserve Corporation, I offer consulting and coaching services to various organisations. I facilitate a lot of training courses. I also write blogs on HR, OD and Leadership.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to network, to share my thoughts, my latest blogs and my learning events. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. If you are interested in professional and leadership growth, if you are interested in organisational culture and communication, you should follow me. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Aside from professional contacts, I also follow thought leaders in HR and Organisational Development.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

36. Melany D. Punzalan-Tagalogon

Number of Followers: 6,457
Industry: Real Estate / BPO

Who I am. I am a unique individual who loves challenges. Whether I am experienced in it or not. My mantra is not just THINKING outside of the box but GOING OUT OF THE BOX and explore ALL possibilities! I do not believe in “putting” oneself in a “box” of the norm and do what other people say. Learning, for me, actually happens when you are out of your comfort zone. When you learn, you grow. 

What I do. I am currently a Senior Procurement and Vendor Management Executive for a private company. I also do Trainings for Leadership, Team Building and so much more. I am a content writer too.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to inspire people. To meet amazing individuals. To broaden my network in terms of my career and related to my job/tasks. To share whatever knowledge and perspective I have in a trending topic etc.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I started posting on LinkedIn with the purpose of inspiring people through my posts, opinions and stories. All the “stories” that I have posted on LinkedIn are true and genuine.

Because it is either MY story or based on my firsthand experience or someone really close to me. Because I believe that people would “buy” it if what’s in it are all authentic and true. The opinion I usually share is also how I truly see things. My own perspective. 

In my desire to make this world a better place in my own little way, I often share my opinions and usually suggest what could have been done or the better way to do things especially in job-seeking and hiring related matters. So, if people would like to see more inspirational, “real” and “authentic” stories or some tips on looking for a job, or simply looking to find how positivity helps, they may follow me. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I usually follow influencers like Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut etc. I find a lot of useful tips from them. I also follow people who inspire others. 

My favourite or most successful post. This post is regarding my opinion on Hiring Managers/recruiters asking for copies of Payslips. It had 120K views so far, 2.5K reactions and about 200 comments.

I think the reason why it was successful is because the topic has long been ignored before and it is actually happening and no one has the guts to question it. Most of the comments this post garnered was telling how they value their privacy, especially the information about the salary they are receiving. People think that the main reason why companies are requiring it is to bargain down their offer. I have so many posts with so much interaction and reactions. Most of these posts are related to job seeking. I usually post in a form of a story where most jobseekers can relate. 

37. Jeff Manhilot 

Number of Followers: 6,380
Industry: Leadership Development

Who I am. I am a passionate believer in people and leadership development who invested 16 years of my career life in both local and multinational FMCG companies. I began my own leadership journey in 2003 and started coaching and training in 2007, building high-performing teams and developing next-generation leaders. I am now a full-time Leadership Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer for Inspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. A husband to an amazing wife and a father of two kids.

What I do. I help individuals, teams and organisations UNLOCK and UNLEASH their God-given potential.

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn has been my gateway, my preferred medium to what I do. It has helped me reach out to more people; both to add value to and to receive value from.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I suppose the only reason you should follow someone here, or anywhere else is if they help you get closer to becoming the person you were meant to be.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Virginia Bautista, Jay Jensen, Rachel Kong, Roy Quejada, Tom Santos, Erwin Reodique, Paul Garcia, Ken Lerona.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

38. Mikel Leroi Balansag

Number of Followers: 6,271
Industry: HR & Training Services

Who I am. I am a licensed Certified HR Professional by the International Federation of Professional Managers, U.K. and a licensed Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. I am also a Lean Six Sigma & Design Thinking certified. As a Unicef Champion for Children, I spend my free time volunteering, focusing on disaster and humanitarian relief initiatives.

What I do. In my vision to revolutionise HR processes, I assumed the CEO role for Circa Logica Group in 2018 overseeing all HR businesses and have conducted multiple public and in-house trainings in the field of Talent Acquisition, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Effective People Management and Labour Law, among others.

What I use LinkedIn for. Marketing, recruitment and lead generation.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. HR is a never ending process and lifelong learning. I am committed to sharing industry and best practices for the advancement of HR and people managers creating successful leaders one company at a time. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, Arianna Huffington, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut, Virginia Bautista.

My favourite or most successful post. This video of Maya who’s diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 1 but perseverance helped her throughout.

39. Sheila Lobien

Number of Followers: 6198
Industry: Real Estate

Who I am. I am an achiever. I value results highly. I believe it is important that I keep myself grounded at all times. As a leader of my organisation, it is important that I listen to them and remind them their opinions do matter. I am passionate about women empowerment and I believe that women have the power to make an impact.

What I do. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Lobien Realty Group and the Chair of the Women in business committee in the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to build connections, to engage with clients, to keep myself updated with the trends and to inspire people.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I post contents that are with substance – something that makes you think. I make sure to give updates as well to my connections about the real estate market and how it will continue to appreciate overtime.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. People from different walks of life. I follow people from various backgrounds because you learn from them. It is important to expand your horizons and reach out to everyone.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post on LinkedIn because I know that I’m not alone. As someone who is really passionate about women empowerment, I have these successful, talented and empowered women beside me ready to face any challenges. Being able to have people that support and trust me is something I cherish. Success is not just about earning a high salary, it is about being able to do what you love and finding happiness in it.

40. Ernesto ‘Boogie’ C. Boydon

Number of Followers: 6,170
Industry: Information Technology and IT Education

Who I am. I am a Lemurian Dreamer. I believe that the Pilipino descends from a noble civilisation which was diluted by years of multi-cultural influences that has shaped what the Pilipino is today. 

I also believe that these molding of the Pilipino has to be viewed from a lens that sifts through what seems to be a continuous erosion of who the Pilipino is and arrive at the conclusion that everything that our race went through is a preparation for that proper time when we as a race and as a nation will take our rightful place in the global stage. 

And that time is now. As one nationalist once said, Pilipino is a combination of three words, “pili” which means chosen, “lipi” which means race, and “pino” which means refined. We are a chosen race being refined for God’s purpose.

What I do. My three main areas of competence and expertise are: training and public speaking, technology and entrepreneurship. At the moment, I am working on a stage of helping move our country to a state of prominence by using these three areas to nurture a community of businesses and professionals by inspiring an audience of entrepreneurs and helping them optimise their opportunities through technology. 

This is what the Pinoy Biznet online portal is all about. An online learning platform at Pinoybiz Academy will then gather a pool of mentors that will help bring to fruition our objective for the Pinoy Biznet community which is to Learn, Grow, Prosper. The next stage is to create an online global network of migrant Pilipinos and build a marketplace for more Philippine products to reach a global market and grow this exponentially. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to grow a network of connections that is helping me realise the goals I have set for myself in the stage where I am in my Lemurian Dream.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I believe that the Pilipino is the best personification of the global citizen of the new millennium. We uniquely identify and adapt to a global culture owing from that unique blending of the East and the West in who we are today. 

Follow me on LinkedIn as we explore this wonderful gift and grow our understanding of its potential, nurture these potentials and translate them into competitive advantages and polish these advantages to lead our country into its prominent place in the global stage.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot, Janette Toral, Simone Heng, Frank Casale, Porter Gale, Guy Kawasaki, Jay Jensen, Kassy Pajarillo, Grace Tolentino, Dr. Dambisa Moyo, Vartika Kashyap, Rebecca Bustamante, Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon, Virginia Bautista, Jon Steinberg, Richard Branson, Rich Gamba, Joy McAdams, Zura Kakushadze, Ken Lerona, Patt Soyao, Nix Eniego, Glaudia Califano, Aucyn Fabilona-Dolorinal, Homer Nievera, Adam Danyal, Oleg Vishnepolsky, Leza Klenk, David Spinks.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post because it defines what I want to achieve for the current stage I am in my Lemurian Dream.

41. Gina Romero

Number of Followers: 5,661
Industry: Technology 

Who I am. Down to earth, tech-savvy, connector of people and ideas.

What I do. I’m a community builder and tech start up founder.

What I use LinkedIn for. To grow my network, get inspired by the insights of others and to stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I like to think I’m a good connector online, although I’m socially awkward in person. I share random thoughts – sporadically.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Entrepreneurs, disruptors and regular people like me.

My favourite or most successful post. 7 (More) Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Manny Pacquiao — Everyone needs a hero they can relate to.

42. Myron Sta. Ana

Number of Followers: 5,555
Industry: Professional Training, Consulting and Speaking Industry

Who I am. I am Mentor Myron Sta. Ana, the Corporate EnterTRAINER and Soft Skills Guru of the Philippines. My mission in life is simple. It’s to educate, equip, encourage, engage, entertain, empower, exemplify and escort to success Filipinos locally and worldwide so we can become more effective and efficient contributors to nation-building and the enhancement of our loved ones’ lives. I ensure that every time I train, speak, consult, facilitate, coach, mentor, or counsel, I put myself in the shoes of my client so I can provide value to his/her business, work and life.

What I do. I am a professional trainer, consultant, speaker, mentor, coach, counselor and facilitator and I provide outsourced in-house corporate learning interventions for all organisations in the Philippines.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to provide value through my content.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. It’s simple. I was poor before I became who I am now and if others would also like to follow in my footsteps and be a differentiator that anybody can be successful whoever he was and however limited his resources were, they ought to follow my life and value-adding posts.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Friends in the industry of training, consulting and speaking. I believe in coLOVEoration and that the more we coLOVEorate, the more successful we become and profitable in our practice.

My favourite or most successful post. I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell anymore.

43. Fulgencio Jeronimo Reyes

Number of Followers: 5,299
Industry: Financial Industry

Who I am. Beliefs & values – I’m a Bible believing Christian. I look to the Bible as a source of wisdom and revelation, if any, for the day, followed by prayer. Starting this morning devotion keeps me on the right track and helps me work out my day on a productive note. 

I read the book of Proverbs daily based on the calendar date (Proverbs have 31 chapters so if the calendar date is 1, I read Proverbs 1; 2, Proverbs 2 and so on – all year round); reading the book of Proverbs helps build character, integrity and leadership. Second, I read the book of Psalms for praise, worship, thanksgiving, protection and for success and prosperity. 

Passions – I post and write blogs on retirement, investments, health, personal finance, spiritual, insurance, real estate, politics, country. I’m always interested in reading up and sharing tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. My nanay (mother) was a former teacher. She was also a former librarian. She was the one who planted the seed for my love of reading in me. 

I guess that is why I have this dream of becoming a teacher before but even if I did not become a teacher myself, I consider writing as a form of teaching. I blog about personal finance, investments and other things that I believe will empower anyone reading it to live better lives. You may check my blog.

What I do. I am in the business of helping my clients profit through different investments, secure their wealth and protect their income, plan for their retirement and estate, travel with peace of mind, create health fund for themselves and their families, manage a family business and actively volunteer in a church ministry. 

What I use LinkedIn for.  Establish my personal branding. Networking / Establishing Connections. I wish more Filipinos would learn to value and use LinkedIn to help them in their personal branding and career growth.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. My vast experience and knowledge in the different fields of Insurance (life insurance, non life, travel, health), Investments (mutual funds, VUL, real estate), Real Estate (Licensed Broker since 1993), a pioneer employee of Ayala Land, Inc. (1989 to 2000) help establish my credibility and name as someone you can trust and rely on in these fields.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Bill Gates (because he’s Bill Gates), Tony Robbins (because his positivity is contagious), Virginia Bautista (inspiring, her posts and articles are very informative and helpful), Rien Hermans (experienced change leader). 

My favourite or most successful post. My post on the movie, “Heneral Luna”, an all-time favourite, generated 4000+ views. Anything that I can share to help my LinkedIn network learn a thing or two, or even better, do something about it, already serves the purpose of my post/article.

44. Remy Timbol

Number of Followers: 5,078
Industry: Human Resources 

Who I am. I am a believer that all people have the potential to be great. That is why I am passionate about helping people find their opportunities whether by looking for jobs, introducing them to my network or just giving them the platform to express themselves, then I am all for it. 

What I do. I learn so I can teach. I coach and mentor anyone who is interested in learning about Human Resources, Employee Engagement or simply working with employee compensation and benefits.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use Linkedin to create meaningful connections with different people around the world. This helps me expand my reach in providing value and contributing things I’ve learned and experienced. I also use it to learn from the experts so I can teach in return. I also use it to find business or work opportunities. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You may be able to learn not just from me but from the people who may leave helpful or insightful comments. You may also find a lot of job opportunities which I often post from my network. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow people who help people. Kirsty Bonner, Ahmad Imam, Talal Al Murad, Sohail Sohaib, Cory Warfield, Ash Playsted, Jared Weise, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut, Virginia Bautista, Oleg Vishepolsky, Anthony J. James, Ira Bowman, Istvan Barath, Florin Sebastian Trusca, Carolina Fernandez, Claude Silver, Kees Van de Ent, Paula Goodman, Mike Salvati, Mike Vacanti, Simon Sinek, Ben Ampil, Gary Vaynerchuck, Strati Georgopolous, Ron Malhotra, Lacey Abachi, Tony Abachi, David Brier, Bobby Umar, Bridgett Hyacinth, Bruno Kongawoin, Gabriel De Luna and many others.

I still need to increase my Filipino connections. 

My favourite or most successful post. This post generated more than 34,950 views. I think it’s because I’ve dedicated it to my friend, Kirsty Bonner and tagged two of the most influential people in Linkedin – Kirsty Bonner and Oleg Vishnepolsky. They’ve replied and they’ve engaged. I’ve also used #Linkedin which helped.

45. Gino Borromeo

Number of Followers: 5,006
Industry: Real Estate

Who I am. A brand strategy person who likes to use creative thinking to grow businesses, always fascinated by how design, technology and popular culture can be used in business.

What I do. Strategy Development and Premier Malls Marketing for SM Supermalls

What I use LinkedIn for. Learning from people smarter than me, reading useful articles, networking, career and industry advice, helping young professionals find their way.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Because I share practical things, aside from my own point of view.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. All kinds of people, famous or otherwise. You can learn something from everyone.

My favourite or most successful post. This was an unexpectedly popular post; I suppose it resonated with many people going through their own MBA journey. Just goes to show how surprising LinkedIn can be.

46. Cielo Marte Presas

Number of Followers: 4,988
Industry: Human Resource Consulting and Executive Search

Who I am. #cielospeaks – this is who I am. A teacher, a mentor and a friend. Respect is high on my list. My father taught me to give unconditional positive regard to people regardless of their position, age, gender or religion. I am kind and open. What you see is what you get. Never farcical, just true to myself and others. 

I am cut-out for HR work. Often, I am seen as a strong, guarded and strict individual. They stay away from me. Truth is I am as warm as the Asian weather. Get to know me once and you’ll stay a friend for life. At work, I do things to near perfection. That’s where the value of research-orientation comes in. On the side, I love reading and writing.  

What I do. A few units shy of my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas, I took the brave leap to Human Resources from Academic work. Engaged with the best at San Miguel Group joining their Human Resources team handling Ginebra San Miguel Inc. 

Then on, it was HR work for me doing startups initially in 2006 at the then booming sunshine industry (BPO) in the Philippines. Years later, HR startup work continued with engagements in companies into Information Technology, Shared Services and Telecommunications. 

What do I do now? A vibrant mix of Consulting, Training and Executive Search. All these while co-managing a recently started information tech company, MHQ Consulting. One of the few who uses Elixir in the country.   

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn is an avenue for sharing, learning and professional networking. This has been a powerful tool to showcase your profile. Not just to be known or be famous but more to be acknowledged as a person one can emulate. Someone to imitate or to model from. 

My advice are from my personal experiences. Multi-industry experience so to speak. I believe that it’s what sets me apart. LinkedIn is also very powerful in recruiting. Provides information beyond the picturesque of a profile.   

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Following me will give you the opportunity to dissect my thoughts. Not because it is asked for or required. But because you feel the need to. Following me will give you a chance to look inside and beyond. Read my thoughts, process my thoughts or those I share and look beyond them so you can develop as a person and a professional. 

Following me will give you occasionally the feel of the province. Where I am most comfortable at. Secondly, following me will give you first-hand information on recent job opportunities in the Philippine market. I don’t hesitate to give free advice once in a while, especially to fresh graduates. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Local – Jeff Manhilot, Darwin Rivers, Francis Kong, Ed Ebreo, Sonnie Santos, Virginia Bautista, Ken Lerona, Jay Jensen, Oliver Requilman, Melany Punzalan-Tagalonon, Kassy Pajarillo, Paul Garcia, Erwinson Gabia, Corinne Marte, Ben Ampil, Paul Garcia, Erwinson Gabia, Jason Carroll, Grace Siaton, Jonathan Yabut, Penny Bongato, Bjorn Martinoff.

Foreign – David Wee, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Arianna Huffington, Shinty Marisa, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Sunny Tan, Daymond John, Jessica Alba, Andreas von der Heydt, Oleg Vishnepolsky, Siong Jin Hsu.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my recent favourite because it resonates with millennial workers who are not time conscious. Timeliness also serves as proof of personal discipline, forecasting, responsibility. Just this one behaviour will give you hoards of information important to decision-making.  

47. Alfredo Villagonzalo Primicias III

Number of Followers: 4,883
Industry: Academe

Who I am. I’m a single- dad who has been blessed to share tools, programmes and interventions in HR.

What I do. I mentor and coach business executives and non-practicing HR/OD professionals learn, love and live HR-OD.

What I use LinkedIn for. Sharing & bouncing off of insights, concepts that make the world a better place.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is such a unique platform that allows professionals who are passionate about changing this world to be more sustainable and future-ready.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Almost everyone who shares the same passion in making this a better world for future generations.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

48. Boris Joaquin

Number of Followers: 4,481
Industry: Learning and Development 

Who I am. Using my unique blend of communication skills, a penchant for the behavioural science and valuing people, I engage people’s passions in the development and implementation of purpose driven business programmes.

What I do. I am a corporate educator. With my team, we design and deliver people and organisational development intervention programs (i.e. trainings, coaching, mentoring).

What I use LinkedIn for. To Inspire and engage people.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Being involved in various industries through my consulting job for more than two decades now, I can offer a lot of wisdom as a seasoned management and marketing professional.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Ken Blanchard.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post (on Rappler). 

49. Alex Pedron

Number of Followers: 4,464
Industry: Professional Training & Coaching

Who I am. I believe that this is what the world needs more of right now: people who are alive and motivated with purpose. Meaningful purpose. My purpose involves helping and working with people. People from all walks of life. 

Some of my favourite ways of fulfilling this purpose is through learning and development, turning passion into business and speaking with impact. The kind of impact that is gradual and perpetual and affects the lives of many-positively. So that, in turn, others may be moved to do the same.  

What I do. I am a Mentor, Motivator and Maverick Entrepreneur who specialises in training, coaching and mentoring, sales, English speech clarity, public speaking, customer experience, stress management, peak performance and start-up consulting. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to learn from the experts and publish content related to my industry.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me for thought-provoking and motivational content. For learning and development opportunities. For pro-bono coaching and mentoring.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow people such as Francis Kong, Virginia Bautista, Jeff Manhilot, Paul Lazo, Kenneth Siao, JC Santos, and many other local heroes who have helped me directly and indirectly in my entrepreneurship journey. 

My favourite or most successful post. I was nominated by Paul Garcia as one of the Top 100 Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn. More importantly, the link now has a list of all of the wonderful and fascinating people I should be connecting and surrounding myself with.

50. Ma. Coreen Atencio

Number of Followers: 4,036
Industry: Remote Work / Social Media Marketing

Who I am. I’m a big dreamer, achiever and believes that a women can have it all (career, pursue further studies, have a complete happy family and home, travel for leisure and be on top of her life!) by striking the proper balance and by giving her all to make sure not to drop any aspect of her life. 

I believe in living life to the fullest and embracing the “now”, each season and phase of our life requires a different focus and priority. When I was a newly wed or a new mom, I was not pursuing further education or any certifications as I wanted to focus on that role. Now, that my daughter is a bit older and already in grade school, I could go back to pursuing things that would hone me professionally. The secret to success is embracing each season and phase in your life and giving your current priority the very best version of you.

What I do. I’m currently the Senior Director of Finance for TOA Global and on the side pursuing CPA Australia which I consider to be my pathway for global recognition.

What I use LinkedIn for. I love reading articles in Linkedin, gaining diverse insights, growing my connections, looking for new members of my team (I like to be in control of who joins my team) and lastly, hopefully inspiring and motivating connections to continuously look for ways to improve and work on being the very best version of themselves.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. For both inspiration and reality check – as I’d like to be both inspiring while keeping it real and together let’s make Linkedin a wonderful network of motivating people who uplift each other.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Oleg Vishnepolsky, Gary V, Ron Kaufman and TOA Global and its leaders. 

My favourite or most successful post. This one is my most recent and popular posts. It’s my first time to be on the news so this is special for me.

51. Steve Sy

Number of Followers: 4,018
Industry: E commerce

Who I am. I am a Christian, I believe in God almighty and my purpose in life is to bring glory to Him, I am passionate about the digital economy and would like to uplift Filipino lives through digital economy.

What I do. CEO and Founder of Great Deals E-commerce Corp.

What I use LinkedIn for. Marketing. 

Why you should follow me on Linkedin. I post e-commerce activities and learnings. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Quite a lot.

My favourite or most successful post. This post inspires people to dream and commence business.

52. Ericson A. del Castillo

Number of Followers: 4,001
Industry: Automotive 

Who I am. My philosophy is life revolves around Phils 4:13: That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The Golden Rule guides my being: That I will do to others what I want others to do to me. I know that I have been given the leadership skills and that I should use these skills to help others become good leaders too.

What I do. My passion and purpose revolves around developing future leaders: I believe that the most noble thing a leader can do is to develop others become better leaders. I dedicate my spare time by volunteering at the People Management Association of the Philippines as a mentor and adviser for the committee I am part of – Leadership Development Committee.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use Linkedin to connect to my fellow HR professionals. It is my way of promoting my advocacy in developing leaders for the future, sharing my thoughts in HR leadership and for future employment opportunities.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I can help you connect with the best minds in Philippine HR, I can share HR best practices and I can be a mentor for up and rising HR stars.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow the best minds in the global HR arena. I follow talents who are passionate and purposeful in their careers. I follow business leaders and thought leaders who are global game changers.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

53. Miggy Azurin

Number of Followers: 3,966
Industry: Marketing / Advertising

Who I am. My goal in life is to inspire 1000+ organisations to market what matters. 

What I do. I run an inbound marketing agency currently servicing clients here and abroad. I also do a lot of training as a university lecturer and as a public speaker.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to learn from people I admire, share some of my insights and stay updated with the latest marketing trends.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I believe that my experiences as a young entrepreneur will be valuable to those who are looking to make the leap in this day and age. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. My favourite international professionals include Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Cuban and Adam Grant. On a local level, I admire the works of Ken Lerona, Virginia Bautista and Gabriel de Luna. 

My favourite or most successful post. I really enjoyed speaking to Cliff about our goals with LinkedIn. We first met online before we got to talk in person. I believe that this is the spirit of the platform: individuals looking to make an impact online and offline. 

54. Mark Lord D. Limson

Number of Followers: 3,815
Industry: Human Resources

Who I am. I am an accidental HR professional who fell in love with the vocation for almost 20 years now.

What I do. I would like to see myself as someone who helps employees develop their talent and in return help the organisation build a compelling employer brand.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn primarily to build employer brand. I also use it to share life and career lessons that I experienced throughout my entire HR journey.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You may want to follow me on LinkedIn if you want practical advice relating to HR business partnering and HR operations. You may also want to pick my brains on how I see employee experience, talent management and organisational development. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot, Ken Lerona, Oliver Requilman to name a few. Outside the Philippines, I follow David Wee and Ken Lim. You can never be wrong following these guys. 

My favourite or most successful post. I love this post because it shows how engagement transcends beyond work, when people see that there is so much to achieve when you pay it forward rather than thinking, “What’s in it for me?” 

55. Katherine Castro

Number of Followers: 3,540
Industry: Personal Finance / Corporate Finance / Audit / Business Process Management

Who I am. I am a multipotentialite who happens to be a CPA by profession. I was introduced to the beauty of personal financial planning and started a movement called “PinoyBreadwinners”. I believe that a typical Pinoy can end generational poverty by journeying towards financial independence ASAP. 

With PinoyBreadwinners, I have a personal mission of sharing about financial planning and investments to at least 180 Pinoy families by the end of year 2020. I do this through my ESPI method. I have written 2 books related to personal finance, an ebook and a printed one. 

What I do. I am currently the CFO of an emerging industry related to renewable energy. I am also a licensed Financial Consultant. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Providing valuable and actionable content is my goal, being one of the beneficiaries of the content shared by other experts, I follow in the platform. Let’s talk about finance, investments and bits of inspiration about success!

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow the likes of Virginia Bautista, Kassy Pajarillo, Gary Vaynerchuk, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut and many more. What is similar about all these people is that they are consistent in giving value to their audience!

My favourite or most successful post. Aside from getting many engagements, I believe this post reflects my authenticity as a young professional embarking on a journey towards continuous growth. Many resonated with the idea of leaving comfort zones and pushing towards the unknown where there are challenges that can mold a person’s character and skills. 

 56. Dennis de Silva

Number of Followers: 3,350
Industry: Business Process Outsourcing

Who I am. I am called Tser Dennis by friends. A born-again Christian, Infopreneur, Certified Public Accountant aka CPA , Book Author and Speaker.

What I do. I am a seasoned finance executive. I also write, speak and conduct trainings during my free time as part of my advocacy to transform businesses and improve personal lives.

What I use LinkedIn for. To spread positivity by sharing my content and reach out to people.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share lessons learned from work and personal life that I deem can help make the world a better place.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Patrick Jess Dimayuga, Virginia Bautista, Jonathan Yabut.

My favourite or most successful post. This is not my most successful post but my personal favourite since it is rare to stand side by side with someone who you look up to (Francis Kong).

57. Jane Martinito

Number of Followers: 3,166
Industry: Web Design/Digital Marketing

Who I am. I am the founder of Meiro Studio, a fast-growing web design, digital marketing and virtual business based in the Philippines. We help consultants, coaches and authors share their message, build their brand online, expand their network and increase their revenue through digital marketing. I’m a Psychology graduate with excellent grades but I eventually found my passion in designing websites. 

I was included in the Top Filipino Professionals to Follow on LinkedIn in Marketing in Asia and featured in Connected Women. I was also featured in Thrive Global, Future Sharks, Mother Industrialist and Sitebeat. Aside from creating websites, I’m also passionate about LinkedIn. 

What I do. I’m an agency captain of Meiro Studio, a web design, development and digital marketing company which caters to the different needs of our clients. We specialise in creating functional and beautifully-designed websites that are aimed at having a premium appeal to our prospective clients. 

We also offer digital marketing services to help consultants, coaches and authors use lead conversion strategies to boost their businesses. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I’m using LinkedIn to connect with consultants, coaches and authors who could be a potential client for Meiro Studio. I also use it to share my thoughts or insights on what I do as an entrepreneur. Lastly, LinkedIn for me is the best way to establish or showcase my brand as a web designer and digital marketer to be visible to my potential business clients.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn if you are into web design or a freelancer who is starting in the same industry. I provide tips and tricks on how you can create an artistically designed website. And sometimes tools which you can take advantage of to help you in your business.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Of course my mentor and the one who introduced me to LinkedIn, Virginia Bautista. I also follow my favourite Philippines author, Francis Kong. The beautiful and trusted image consultant, Delby Bragais. A good friend and leadership coach and speaker, Jeff Manhilot. And a lot more.

My favourite or most successful post. I think this post succeeded because of the information I provided there. Also, I think it was designed nicely. It is my favourite post because I exerted effort in doing it and I used that document in my previous website.

58. Roy Marvin E. Quejada

Number of Followers: 3,132
Industry: Food and Beverage / Management Consultant

Who I am. I am a seasoned executive with more than 25 years of solid experience in managing restaurants. I started out as a working student and climbed my way up to the COO position of a successful restaurant chain. I believe in the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, results orientation and simplicity of action. I love playing sports and travelling abroad; it is what I do to release my creative juices. I read a lot of books; it helps me in sharpening my mind. I do daily meditation as well as yoga exercises to keep me calm and balanced.  

What I do. I do consulting for MSMEs and conduct training workshops on strategic planning, restaurant systems, leadership and customer service.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to share my knowledge and experiences on topics related to management. My goal is to help readers gain insights on how to improve their management and leadership skills. I also use LinkedIn to connect to many people all over the world. Finally, I use LinkedIn to learn from fellow members.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. It would be a great honour if you follow me on LinkedIn. What I truly hope though is for more and more members to see my posts to learn and get inspired. My work over the years led me to achieve the C-suite level and I hope that by sharing what I know, you will be able to effectively lead yourself, your team and your business.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow many leaders, entrepreneurs, students and other members on LinkedIn. I believe that we can all learn from everyone on this platform. My list of connections is still a work in progress and I hope to follow and connect to more members moving forward.

My favourite or most successful post. This is the first and only article I created for now. It may not be the most successful post but this is very close to my heart; it will tell you briefly how the 4Ds provided the framework that made me the person I am now. 

59. Delby P. Bragais

Number of Followers: 3,023
Industry: Professional Speaking & Coaching Industry and Fashion Industry 

Who I am. I believe that we all have the power to reinvent ourselves to be the person we want to be. I am on a journey of reinvention and lifelong learning and would love to take you along. Come join me!  

What I do. I help professionals & entrepreneurs attract more business opportunities through coaching, training, speaking & consulting in the areas of image strategy, personal branding & entrepreneurship. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for inspiration, education and connection with potential corporate and individual clients for training, speaking, coaching and collaborations.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn if you are interested in reinventing yourself for business success through Personal Branding, self leadership & image management.    

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Internationally – Arianna Huffington, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Niel Patel, Cher Jones, Leza Parker, Simone Heng, Dr. Wendy Liew, Sheila Wong.

Locally. Virginia Bautista, Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot, Paul Garcia, Froilan Aloro, Melany Punzalan-Tagalogon.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post for 3 reasons

1st – For me, this speaking engagement demonstrates the power of LinkedIn in making connections. I have received several speaking invitations from Event organisers through this platform. This has impacted my speaking business positively in so many ways beyond monetary rewards. 

2nd – Opportunity follows visibility, which is the title of this post, is a key message for all seeking to attract business opportunities or professional advancement in their chosen field . 

3rd – Design your image for impact & influence is the message on the slide as my video ends. This is advice that I believe is helpful for all sellers, meaning almost everyone on the platform. 

60. Jennette Cajucom

Number of Followers: 3,052
Industry: Marketing

Who I am. I’m just a multi-passionate online professional who will never grow tired of helping her local community; who loves collaboration over competition; who adapts the value mindset over money mindset; who believes that in this day and age of artificial intelligence it is now more important to be authentic, to have a story, a vision and creativity.

What I do. I help startup CEOs stand out by bringing out their story to create their CEO brand.

What I use LinkedIn for. To share and gain insights from thought leaders in branding and marketing, as well as build relationships and collaborate with like-minded people.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I’ve had more mistakes than I can count in my professional life and these same mistakes are where the insights I share come from. I believe that in this day and age of digital technology where all the information is readily available in a single tap or click, people want something that’s raw, real and authentic. 

I’m no expert but I’m always willing to share my journey, my story – and that includes the mistakes that go along with it. If you believe that success is not a straight line but a series of mishaps and lessons, then I guess my story can resonate with you and be able to learn a thing or two.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Adam Grant, Virginia Bautista and Gina Romero.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post. It’s one of my favourite posts on LinkedIn because the reactions I’ve gained from it are a simple validation that people value human connection now more than ever. And branding of a CEO is no exception.

61. Lloyd Luna

Number of Followers: 3,047
Industry: Professional speaking

Who I am. I believe in the greatness of the Filipinos, their leadership ingenuity and love for people is reflected in its unparalleled hospitality.

What I do. I speak professionally in the Philippines and abroad and write books on leadership and motivation.

What I use LinkedIn for. Building professional relationships.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I post occasional insights on Stepback Leadership, inspirational articles and tools that may be helpful for leaders and managers.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Paul ter Wal. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here.  

62. Gerard Peter B. Que

Number of Followers: 2,849
Industry: Design

Who I am. I’m an entrepreneur that’s building a design business to help impact society in a positive way. Business for me should be done in alignment with one’s values and empires should be built to help make the world a better place.

What I do. I’m the founder and owner of GQ Designs – a Design company that specialises in Building Powerpoints and other presentation documents.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to share content on design and to connect with other like-minded leaders in industry.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share a lot about how to design your presentations in a manner that gets your ideas across more effectively. I produce content with 10+ years of presentation experience to back my advice; so I do my best to share what I’ve learned over the years in order to help people with their own presentation design processes.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. The most influential would be Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John and Ariana Huffington. 

My favourite or most successful post. This for me has the most interactions in terms of views, likes and comments. It’s successful from a metrics perspective and in my own opinion because it stays true to what my business strives to do – which is to help people build more effective presentations. 

63. Bianca Lyka Nagac

Number of Followers: 2,772
Industry: Online marketing

Who I am. I am very passionate about writing and exploring people’s psyche through reading, listening and observing. Because of that, I hold many values and beliefs which I openly share on my LinkedIn profile.

What I do. I am an online marketer, a writer and a businesswoman. Aside from these, I also am training to become a boxer. I do cinematic videos which highlight my travels and poems. In my spare time, I write essays, book reviews and poems that I publish on my website called

What I use LinkedIn for. I’ve been using LinkedIn to connect, learn and share lessons from people I meet. There was a time when I used it to look for a job. But my current job responsibilities require me to use it in assessing candidates for our company’s recruitment.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me to discover why.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I’m always looking forward to the posts of Jeff Manhilot and Alex Pedron who I consider as mentors. I am also following our university president, Dr. Luis Calingo, because I have so much admiration for his efforts to provide us with quality education. There are many who I follow, but these are my top three.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite lesson I’ve shared so far because this experience is one of my turning points to becoming a better person.

64. Michael Ronquillo

Number of Followers: 2,748
Industry: Digital Marketing

Who I am. I’m a purpose-driven millennial who make a positive ripple around me. I love travelling and writing. It’s like an itch at the back of my head that needs scratching. I didn’t have any idea what it is until I took the time to focus on it. 

Marketing and copywriting are two skills I didn’t have a few years back. I’m glad these are something that can be learned. With the help of incredible people on the internet and books, I continue to learn more every single day. I’m still a student of my craft, so I make sure I am consistently improving and learning every single day. 

When you start your pursuit for something, your world becomes bigger. It’s now a more consequential life, not necessarily happier life but it becomes an expanded life. Of course, a hell of a lot more interesting than what it was before.

What I do. For most of the last decade, I’ve helped different B2C and B2B businesses grow their client base, improve brand awareness and increase revenue by using custom-made digital marketing strategies.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to learn from other professionals and grow my personal brand at the same time.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I’m not sure why people should follow me. I feel this is something I need to earn but if you decide to follow me online, I share inspiring and helpful stuff from time to time. I also want to get my story out there so I’m now more consistent in sharing on LinkedIn.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Nix Eniego, Gino Borromeo, Chris Walker, Michal Eisikowitz , Virginia Bautista, Dave Gerhardt.

My favourite or most successful post. Not sure if this is the most successful but this is my favourite post. I was able to articulate something that I felt ashamed about a long time ago and share with people how I was able to overcome my ego. Writers are egoistic in nature and glad I’m able to have a thick skin to get better at my craft.

65. Mikki Sachiko Flores

Number of Followers: 2,728
Industry:  Marketing / Wellness

Who I am. Passionate about delivering wellness advocacy to all and learning more things and sharing that knowledge.

What I do. I’m a creative consultant for businesses who need to increase ROI through sales and marketing.

What I use LinkedIn for. For my wellness advocacy, for getting consulting clients and landing creative projects.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Because of my contents on wellness, tips on being a creative entrepreneur, hacks on living your best self etc.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Sara Blakely, Melinda Gates, Richard Branson and other inspiring entrepreneurs/changemakers.

My favourite or most successful post. This one, because I think the value resonates with all of us. 

66. Paul Abello

Number of Followers: 2,719
Industry: BPO

Who I am. I have been a volunteer since College years. I am an active member/alumnus of AYALA Young Leaders after passing a rigid 2002 selection for TOP College Students. I am an active volunteer who have partnered with organisations like Project Pearls & Childhope Asia for 6 years until present. At home, I take care of my 1 and a half year old daughter, Miranda Pauleen. I enjoy sports activities and maintain an active lifestyle.

What I do. Senior Director of Operations and HappyHere Leader at TELUS International.

What I use LinkedIn for. I am a user of linkedin since 2012, years before it has picked up the look it has now where you can post and follow folks similar to Facebook. I leveraged LinkedIn as a platform to share my cause. 

I evangelise employee engagement from my personal experience more than just white papers. I can prove that Employee Engagement is key for the success of the company. It starts with changing the mindset of the leaders in the company. 

Culture eats strategy over breakfast! LinkedIn is an awesome tool that connected me to several recruiters, sales professionals, friends and colleagues whom I was able to help land a career. It also allowed me to get to know individuals who seek mentoring from my field of expertise.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I am an advocate of cultural value chain. It starts with an awesome company culture which creates employee experience that make them “creatively excited” and not just comply with malice. If team members/employees are happy, they make happy customers. Happy customers continue to support companies who make them feel valued. Customer preference creates wealth for companies in this time and age.

Follow me on LinkedIn as I try to espouse real life experiences and examples on how to engage your team members and how to create companies who can potentially get “BEST EMPLOYER AWARD” from AON HEWITT Philippines.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Simon Sinek, Bill Gates, Brene Brown, Marc Cuban.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

67. Adolfo Aran Jr.

Number of Followers: 2,481
Industry: Food, Hospitality 

Who I am. I am a food marketing educator who’s passionate about delivering customer service that’s sincere, positive and brand-consistent. 

What I do. I coach restaurants and hotels and other food industry stakeholders and connect them with one another through various platforms (conference, seminar, website, etc). 

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn enables me to be connected with professionals who share my beliefs and help me pursue my Restaurant coaching. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Together, we can make the food and hospitality industry a much better world than we originally found it. Hopefully, our links and connections will lead to more education and more platforms to enable us to pursue our life goals.  

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow professionals who talk about responsible marketing, exciting concepts and innovations, The Future of Food, ethical leadership and things that have profound effects on our food and hospitality industry. 

My favourite or most successful post. Some of the most successful posts that I have on LinkedIn are related to customer service. It’s been my advocacy to teach service excellence. When I post case studies and best practices, that’s when I generate the most reactions. 

68. Lorybeth Baldrias-Serrano

Number of Followers: 2,480
Industry: Consulting 

Who I am. I am a Xennial and multi-potentialite, having dabbled in business development, tax and legal management, data privacy and corporate governance. I am passionate about continuous learning in novel fields of law and intersections with technology. I believe in acting justly and walking humbly with the Lord.

What I do. I am a legal and business consultant; specialising in tax, data privacy and corporate governance.

What I use LinkedIn for. Formerly, I used LinkedIn for applying jobs or just to be visible to headhunters. Now, I use LinkedIn to connect with like-minded professionals and share information in my field of interests whenever I feel like it. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me to see my posts on Tax and Data Privacy.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot.

My favourite or most successful post. My favourite post was when I shared my insights on Tax as a catalyst for development in Indochina, after speaking on the same topic in Law Asia. 

69. Jing San Gabriel

Number of Followers: 2,337
Industry: Training Consultancy

Who I am. I am passionate about learning and development. I thrive in nurturing, empowering environments, in being a contribution and in being contributed to by like-minded and like-hearted people. Humility, authenticity and integrity are important for me. I believe we can’t give what we don’t have—self-awareness and actualisation is important if we want to make a difference to others.

What I do. I am a mother first and an entrepreneur next. I own a training consultancy company that specialises in soft skills, staff training and leadership development. We customise training programmes for our clients and also conduct free and paid public workshops that promote economic empowerment. 

I engage in volunteer work for different communities and advocacies in the Philippines as diverse and as colourful as my life! While these may all seem busy, my CV will only say this: Help where I can. Share what I know. Lead by Example. This is the core of what I do.

What I use LinkedIn for. Building professional connections, networking with similar-minded and similar-hearted people, linking up with friends, colleagues from previous work, my leadership role models and LinkedIn influencers and learning from others.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. My successes and struggles personally and professionally have served as inspiration to people I know and care about and likewise to people who know and care about me. There’s much to learn and life is a great teacher!

I continue to live an incredibly blessed life. I am rarely the richest, the prettiest or the smartest in the room, but that has never stopped me from building genuine connections with people I meet, both online and offline. I wear my values on my sleeves and that goes beyond the titles I’m given or the names I’m called. I declare that who I am is love, such that in my presence, people know that they are loved.

Perfection isn’t what’s going to change the world. It is moved everyday by people who dare, by people who care. To earn money doing what I love is a privilege. To not have to struggle for relevance is liberating. I do not take these gifts for granted. If I could make a difference with just one person, make one life better by my stay on earth, that would be a life well lived.

Who I follow on LinkedIn.  Brene Brown, Arianna Huffington, Jeff Wiener, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Randi Zuckerberg, Deepak Chopra, Simon Sinek, Daniel Goleman, Tony Robbins, Eduardo Saverin, Marshall Goldsmith, Daymond John, Justin Trudeau, Ian Bremmer, Mark Cuban, Reid Hoffman, Michael Dell, Satya Nadella.

My favourite or most successful post. My first post ever! This was so much more than its content. It represented courage, conquest and opening up to vulnerability in the spirit of making a difference. 

70. Frances Rachel Kong

Number of Followers: 2,280
Industry: Training and Development

Who I am. I am a girl who is full of odd and funny contradictions. I work for the family business, hence, my bosses are my parents. But as my parent is a well known inspirational speaker and trainer, he in turn becomes my product that I help market and sell. With all the things I’ve learned working side by side with my dad, one of the first things I value in work is to find creative ways to solve problems. 

Passion, in the right context of the word, as well as search for purpose is important. But before all of those, I believe we need to find our own identities first to not get lost in the waves of change and time. List of things I value is the growth of my relationship with God, my family, friends and the ability to learn how to take care of the resources God has given me.

What I do. I help run our family business on consultancy and have other businesses on the side as well.

What I use LinkedIn for. Mostly for getting in contact with professionals and for learning more about business and the world today.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me on Linkedin so we can share ideas.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot, Adam Grant, HBR, Arianna Huffington.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post. One of the comments I had on the post was on the part where I talked about us being human beings, not human doings. Sometimes, it is easy to get lost in what we are doing and the momentum of our activities, that we forget to take the time to process and think through things. As human beings, we were given the ability to choose to become more than what we simply do.

71. Francis Gary Viray

Number of Followers: 2,225
Industry: Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Tech Innovations, FinTech

Who I am. Self-starter and gritty, asks a lot of questions, cares about family and loves to travel – capable to learn fast any process, platform and tool due to innate curiosity by nature. Quant person with analytical mindset focused on business growth, customer experience and performance marketing

What I do. I am the Founder of Propelrr, a digital marketing and innovations agency based in the Philippines with HQs in Cambodia and the U.S. I am a battle-tested data analyst, business strategist by trade and a hands-on practitioner of many digital marketing disciplines for more than 20 years.

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn is becoming a lot more of a community for professionals with similar interests. You can build businesses around it these days. Its algorithm is becoming a lot better in targeting people using content that is organically relevant to them. 

I use LinkedIn these days to learn more. Pieces of training and skillset development abound. There’s a massive list of super good content that makes me adapt to the latest trends and best practices in my field. 

Some social media platforms get flooded with a string of random posts—from people’s personal lives, daily rumblings, to all sorts of content people love to share. I don’t see anything wrong about that because each platform has its unique use cases. 

LinkedIn is different. Most people on LinkedIn build their career and life around one thing: building value. It is the quintessential platform to reverberate just that. The fact that it is where value builders meet eye-to-eye is a gold mine. LinkedIn is where people give out free gold. Share one. Get one.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Everything I post is about my beliefs and experiences as a professional and a leader. You’ll get to understand my journey on how we (yes, we at Propelrr) are building a company from zero to a 7-digit (in USD) annual revenue-generating company.

I talk about business strategy, data analytics, digital transformation, marketing, innovations and anything that would either challenge or validate mine and other people’s assumptions.I don’t feel comfortable sharing something— not unless I’ve already “walked the talk” or at least I’m already on it. Yes, it is what it is.

Sharing my business experiences at Propelrr, failures and successes included, also put me on the edge of my seat. Like any other founders, I guess.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Mitchelle Viray, Francis Kong, Jojo Malolos, Virginia Bautista.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post because it puts me and my team into a better perspective. It led us to calibrate what we do and made us step back to remind us our Whys, building the company together. 

72. Ronica Valdeavilla

Number of Followers: 2,134
Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Who I am. I am a person who values integrity and stewardship. At a time when authenticity is somehow thought of as “rare” or “fake” in the online world, I’d like to let people know that there are still those (like myself) who are true to themselves. I would post about my wins BUT I would also share moments of defeat & loss. I don’t see the point of sharing purely success stories — in fact, it’s the struggles behind success which makes the story interesting. I’d like my LinkedIn followers to see the real me and how passionate I am about helping other people.

What I do. I’m a Facebook Ads strategist and copywriter.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn as an avenue for helping and meeting people from various industries. Here, I share tips and hacks on Facebook Advertising (how to make campaigns work, how to troubleshoot common problems, etc.), AND to connect with fellow freelancers and business owners/top leaders whether in the Philippines or abroad.  

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You should follow me on LinkedIn because I regularly give actionable tips on running/managing Facebook Ads. I post about the problems I encounter on the Ads Manager and how to fix it. I also post tips on how I was able to make the campaign profitable for a client. In short, I always make sure to share my knowledge on Facebook Advertising. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuk, Virginia Bautista and Ken Lerona.

My favourite or most successful post. This post had over 4,000 views and became a trending topic in #leads. Perhaps it’s because I shared real results of my client. I posted a screenshot of the client’s Ads Manager, which showed how many leads were generated in just 30 days. 

73. Muhammad Khadaffy S. Nanding

Number of Followers: 2,131
Industry: Financial Analytics and Technology

Who I am. I’m originally from the small city of Cotabato and then moved to Davao to study college and now based in Makati City. It seems that moving cities has been part of my life and is what I consider stepping out of my comfort zone. I do believe in grit and that people who have it will definitely make it in life. 

Success is subjective and I know that when you’re gritty, you’ll know the very exact moment you can tell yourself that you’ve made it. I’m not yet there but I’m much closer than I was before. 

What I do. As a Global Client Solutions Advisor of FactSet, I act as a support system for leaders in the financial industry in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific through understanding of their workflows and developing innovative ways to streamline research and analysis. 

What I use LinkedIn for. As of the moment, I’m not really on LinkedIn looking for work opportunities as I’m very satisfied with the one I currently have but I always browse my wall everyday before I go to work to have my daily dose of work positivity, wisdom and inspiration. I’ve always seen LinkedIn as a tool not just for my career growth but also for my personal one. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I plan to post a lot about my experience of working in Metro Manila because I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of graduates from Visayas and Mindanao that are scared in finding opportunities in Metro Manila thinking that they’ll be overshadowed immediately by graduates of schools in Metro Manila. 

I want to strengthen the idea that we all have equal opportunities if we just work hard to find it and most especially maximise the available tools we have today, such as LinkedIn. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I don’t really choose a certain category or type of following. As much as possible, I try to follow as many people as possible and also as diverse because I believe that I will definitely learn a thing or two with every person I’ll encounter no matter who, what, or where he/she is. 

My favourite or most successful post. This was my very first (of many more to come) LinkedIn post which currently has 1,658 views. I don’t consider it my most successful post because of the view count it received but because I was able to conquer my fear when I posted this. I’ve always been scared of posting stuff because I kind of always think of what people have to say, in short, if I don’t post anything, nothing will worry me. By the way, the post is about me learning about edX because of scrolling too much on LinkedIn. 

74. Glenn Ong

Number of Followers: 2,123
Industry: Retail

Who I am. I’m a follower of Christ, a believer that everything happens under God’s perfect timing and plan. I obsess about the customers and everything that affects their experience.

What I do. I’m the Senior Customer Experience Manager of SM Retail Inc, strategizing and implementing programmes that would delight customers on the digital space.

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn is like a book with unending chapters — learning is infinite, simply by following and engaging with the right people and at the same time contributing to the community as well. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Customer Experience is a niche role in the Philippines. If you’re wondering what it’s all about and how you can start a career in this field, I’d be glad to let you in on my experiences as a customer advocate and as a young corporate leader. And of course, I would be ecstatic to know you and learn from you as well. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gino Borromeo, Jeff Manhilot, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut and Ken Lerona are the top 5 people that always pop up on my feed. That speaks of how much their contributions are to the LinkedIn community.

My favourite or most successful post. It’s my favourite post because it hits home for most people who are starting on their leadership journeys.

75. Dr. Noel “Weng” Tarrazona

Number of Followers: 2,098 
Industry: Organisational Development

Who I am. A management training and organisational development consultant.

What I do. I help improve employees’ engagement at work, productivity, efficiency and faithfulness in their work.

What I use LinkedIn for. To send sample video clips of my training.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I believe the Philippines will be the next home of great companies in Southeast Asia and I want my training company to help them.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong and Virginia Bautista.

My favourite or most successful post. This is the photo where some CEOs messaged me how they wish their employees were like that.

76. Eunice Punzalan

Number of Followers: 2,034
Industry: Remote Work / Social Media Marketing

Who I am. I am a curly Filipino who is an advocate of remote working. I believe that remote work is the future and the Filipino professionals must be aware of this amazing opportunity to have a meaningful work and balanced lifestyle.

What I do. I am a social media marketing provider to Australian Agriculture Businesses and a community manager of a growing online population of aspiring remote workers.

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn has been evolving throughout the years and I initially used the platform in looking for clients, but more than that, I am using the platform to build my personal branding.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I’m committing on using the platform to share my remote work knowledge, productivity tips & tools for social media marketing via curated content and LinkedIn articles that aims to help aspiring remote workers and Filipino professionals. If you’d like a weekly dosage of work-from-home tips and remote working, you should follow this curly Filipino!

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow Ms Virginia Bautista, Jonathan Yabut, Ken Lerona, Gary Vaynerchuck, Simone Heng &  Edward Zia.

My favourite or most successful post. It’s a random post encouraging other Filipinos to share tagalog contents/posts on LinkedIn. The number of reactions and comments were unexpected. To me it is successful because I was able to deliver my message – “LinkedIn has a space for the Filipino language” and true enough it resulted in massive support and engagement from the people.

77. Malissa Ancajas

Number of Followers: 1,898
Industry: Real Estate – Digital Marketing (Australia)

Who I am. I believe in mistakes and that mistakes can be turned into lessons that only you can cherish, that only you can benefit and that only you can turn it into learnings that the young should benefit from. 

What I do. I am working full-time as a Property Manager Assistant for various Real Estates in Australia. I do virtual assistant tasks which include accounting, maintenance leasing, inspections and digital marketing tasks. And to pursue my passion, I indulge myself after 6 on LinkedIn, entertaining collab invites, watching Tedtalks and work as a project manager trainee for Meiro Studio.  

What I use LinkedIn for. I use Linkedin to get to know more people and to share what I have as well. It may sound a little messianic but I do maximise the platform to help my connections turn their ideas in full concretion of its reality. I do believe a number of my connections could attest to that. I have been working hard to fulfil this day to day goal for almost 2 years now and I am ecstatic that at this moment, it truly is happening. 

Why you should follow me. If you are looking for someone who you can collaborate with for greater cause, I am the support you need. I am the action. I share my thoughts. I share a bold opinion. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. The top most people on my feed every day that supplies me with insights and ideas which fuels the rest of my week are Ms. Virginia Bautista, Sir Francis Kong and the person who nominated me, Sir Jeff Manhilot.

My favourite or most successful post. This post started it all. Sharing the people who has helped me draw that motivation from within and ignited all the ideas I have in mind. Also, this post earned me a collab work with Ms.Virginia Bautista.

78. Cathy Perez

Number of Followers: 1,691
Industry: Communications, Events, Entrepreneurship

Who I am. I consider myself a global Filipino as I navigate myself in Denmark. I’m a life enthusiast, a people-person who believes in the value of communities and of people collaborating to strengthen and inspire each other. I’m also passionate about ideas, stories, culture and collaboration. Educated in Communications with a master’s degree in Development Communication, I use my skills and passion in communication, SoMe, event planning, community management and networking to organise purposeful events in Aarhus, Denmark that inspire and bring people together.

What I do. Events and Community Management, Social Media Marketing, Office Administration.

What I use LinkedIn for. Sharing and gaining knowledge about events, communications, marketing, personal branding, self development and leadership.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me if you want to read a Filipino’s experience in another country. I believe that Filipinos should never play small. It’s in our DNA to thrive and shine and we can do so, even if we live abroad.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Arianna Huffington and Gary Vaynerchuk are some of my favourites.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post. I have several favourites but I’d share this one cos I personally realise how powerful LinkedIn is, if you pursue on creating contents and that I can still complete a challenge, no matter how busy I’d become.

79. Christopher A. Suntay

Number of Followers: 1,690
Industry: IT Consulting and IT Staffing

Who I am. I believe in having a growth mindset – learning from mistakes, perceiving opportunities in difficult situations and taking advantage of them. I am passionate about work and success and I believe that you need purpose and grit to achieve. But above all things, I value God, family and community. Hopefully, I can leave behind something good and meaningful for them.

What I do. Business Development.

What I use LinkedIn for. Looking for leads and job opportunities. Looking for business insights and learning.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Professionally, I might be able to help you find job opportunities and I might post articles that can educate and enlighten you in life or in your profession.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Professionals that I can possibly learn from. 

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

80. JPaul Hernandez

Number of Followers: 1,679
Industry: HR Consulting and Catholic Lay Ministry

Who I am. I believe that every Filipino has the capacity to be great not only here in the Philippines, but also on the global stage. We are world-class. I believe that God has blessed every person with so much gifting. I believe I’m here in this world to serve people by helping them unleash their full potential, follow their dreams and fulfill their big purpose. Leadership, speaking, writing and business are my tools to serve people and help to have better lives.

What I do. I’m a Catholic Lay Preacher for The Feast founded by Bro Bo Sanchez, I’m an international speaker and bestselling author. I’m a happy husband and father as well. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to learn about global leadership and HR trends. I use to bring that “overcomer” message out there. I also use LinkedIn to collaborate with different professionals and organisations .

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. If I can brighten up your day with a dose of inspiration, I’ll be very happy and honoured!

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuck, John Maxwell, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut and Arianna Huffington.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post. I love this post because I believe a lot of people are not being true to themselves. We always want to project a story about us because we’re afraid that if people see who we really are, they might not like us. I believe that if we’re a little bit more vulnerable and true to ourselves, then we’ll see our true light. We’ll see who we really are and that we’re made for more. Most of the time we compare our boring days to people’s highlight posts on social media and we feel inferior. Our goal is to be true to ourselves, be compassionate to others and help each one succeed in life.

81. Leylord Marcelino

Number of Followers: 1,656
Industry: Digital Marketing

Who I am. Leylord is a marketing management professional in the Technology industry, a digital transformation leader & visionary with a degree in engineering. A certified digital marketing practitioner with a strong background & extensive experience in executing, managing & bridging the gap between traditional & digital marketing. 

Having an engineering background, being analytical & technical, he is always excited by emerging digital transformation trends, challenges, designing solutions & always believed in data-driven decision making.

What I do. Marketing management professional in the technology industry, certified digital marketing practitioner, & aspiring to be one of the top tech marketing professionals.  I walk the talk in digital marketing. I can help you build your website. I do SEO, SEM, social media marketing, content & creative development.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for networking, for continuous learning & development, for reaching out to helping others grow in digital marketing.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You should follow me on LinkedIn to collaborate, learn & grow together in our digital marketing journey.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Virginia Bautista, Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Andrew Davis, Gary Vaynerchuk.

My favourite or most successful post. It may not be the post with most engagements, reactions & impressions, but this post tells a lot about my personal journey.  I’ll be posting more inspiring stories soon.

82. Emilio Macasaet III

Number of Followers: 1,614
Industry: Service 

Who I am. I am a Christian.

What I do. Mentor.

What I use LinkedIn for. Announcement of my professional activities.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. To know about latest update primarily on channel marketing. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Josiah Go.

My favourite or most successful post. I got more personal messages from people who saw it in my post.

My best advice to Filipino professionals. There’s no elevator to success. Be diligent. Keep learning. 

How LinkedIn has helped me with my career. LinkedIn has helped create awareness for my upcoming trainings.

83. Francis Miranda

Number of Followers: 1,588
Industry: Marketing and Advertising, Learning, Digitally Nomadism and Healthcare 

Who I am. I’m a person who loves inspiring people and traveling. I believe that we all have the power to change the world. As an inspirational speaker based here in the US, I believe in the power of reinvention and I want to help immigrants from all over the world realize that they too can reinvent their lives. I’m a digital nomad who loves the idea of working from anywhere which I believe is truly possible if we are just creative and entrepreneurial in mindset. 

What I do. I’m a professional speaker and trainer based in NY who speaks in different cities about leadership, reinvention and marketing. I’m also a partner in a primary care clinic in Boston.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use it for thought leadership. LinkedIn is such an enriching platform for two reasons. One, it provides such a rich source of transformative content that you can use in your day to day lives. Two, it provides a platform for you to share your personal advocacies. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You’ll get a daily dose of inspiration to help you reinvent your life. If you’re in the midst of major life change, you’ll learn that every change is like immigrating to a different country. At first it’s going to be difficult but you’ll eventually adjust. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuck, George Claassen, Ginger Arboleda, Jpaul Hernandez, Margarita Castro-Zarraga.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

84. Jay Olos

Number of Followers: 1,535
Industry: Tech/Internet

Who I am. People look at me as somebody who have achieved status early in life. But honestly speaking, I am just an ordinary guy who you may see loitering around eating fish balls, kikiam and drinking gulaman. Reachable, approachable and always ready to help and inspire Filipinos to reach their potential. I thrive in corporate-slash-boardroom environment as well as in the streets with the common tao.

What I do. I am currently based in Hong Kong working as a finance head of Southeast Asia’s leading financial comparison platform, CompareAsiaGroup which owns MoneyMax in the Philippines and six more companies located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. On my free time, I create inspirational content about finance, financial literacy and financial inclusion for my fellow OFWs, SME owners and even tech founders as well.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for my daily dose of business updates and relevant content, connecting with my colleagues and business contacts around the world and for searching for good talents.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. People say they follow me on LinkedIn because of my straight-from-the-gut, authentic and inspirational articles and posts that resonates with the common tao. I am from humble beginnings and all my content is based on my personal experiences or experiences of people that I know. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Oleg Vishnepolsky, Gary Vaynerchuck and Dr. Travis Bradberry.

My favourite or most successful post. I consider this as my most successful post because it was the post which generated a lot of attention from the business world, locally and internationally and also from Filipino professionals. It also resulted in getting invites by venture capitalists, private equity firms and tech CEOs.

85. Jennifer Pacilan

Number of Followers: 1,385
Industry: Digital Marketing and Advertising 

Who I am. I am more than a woman. I am me. I am beyond biology and social construct. As a person, I set out to establish my purpose in life by going after the things I believe will contribute positively to the people around me. I continually aim for new ideas that are aligned to the pursuits that I find valuable. I do things with excellence and develop great habits in the hope that this will improve the quality of my life that would later be of benefit to myself, my friends, family and the community.

What I do. I am a mother, writer, coach, mentor, speaker and a host of other roles I may have to take on if it’s for the common good. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I used LinkedIn to connect with people from all over the globe. I love sharing ideas, reading about things that I am not really familiar with until I have encountered them on the platform. It’s also a great way to find prospects and tune in to what the people in my industry are into. Keep abreast of the latest news and understand things I am not really familiar with. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. People should follow me on LinkedIn because I bring with me a fresh perspective on the future of work. I have tonnes of ideas to share and ample experience in life and in my work. I can be a great mentor to people who don’t want to take the wrong route and learn things the hard way. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Virginia Bautista, Francis Kong, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kassy Pajarillo, Jonathan Yabut. 

My favourite or most successful post. This is my most successful and my favourite post this year. It showed a few of my trainees for the digitaljobsPH in Cotabato City staying late so they can finish their tasks. It warms my heart each time I see this post. It reminded me how lucky we are that our government has been doing its best to help people in the rural areas reach their dreams in the digital space by equipping them with the right skills.  

86. Dominic Barrios

Number of Followers: 1,325
Industry: Copywriter for SaaS Businesses & Weddings

Who I am. I am Dominic, I love my family and one of the reasons why I quit shooting weddings is to spend more time with them. One of my passions is studying more about persuasion and copywriting because I believe it’s one of the most important skills in business and believe it or not, parenthood. 

What I do. I help SaaS companies get more paying subscribers through conversion copywriting. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for my personal branding as a copywriter and to get more leads online from the SaaS Niche. Aside from that, I also educate SaaS companies on how important it is to have a clear messaging to reach their target clients.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn if you want to know more about attracting your target market and learning the triggers on why people buy.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow SaaS businessmen, growth hackers & marketers that give value and people that have inspiring stories to tell.

My favourite or most successful post. This post received 6,579 views, 81 reactions and 52 comments.

87. Daisy Callanta

Number of Followers: 1,317
Industry: NGO

Who I am. I am a strong believer of Jesus Christ. It was because of His love and grace that miraculously healed my youngest son from autism. It is because of this that we have established Jesus HUGS Ministries, a non profit Christian organisation.

What I do. As Founder and President of Jesus HUGS Ministries, we are able to spread awareness and proper care for children with special needs for free through our various community programs. We also provide extended assistance and extensive counselling to people suffering from all forms of abuse and depression. Leaving behind a lucrative HR Career for 22 years last August 2018 to embrace full time life in ministry has helped me reach people beyond imagination because of social media like LinkedIn.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use it mainly for digital marketing, blogs and ministry updates to let people know what’s happening in the ministry.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Amidst the rampant bad news, violence and exponential increase of people who suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies, it is my prayer that whenever people get to see and read our posts, somehow their faith in God will arise. We need to remind people of the love and amazing grace of Jesus that shines brightest in our darkest hour.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Inspiring people who have significantly impacted the nations in a good way.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

 88. Mohana Serrano

Number of Followers: 1,260
Industry: Digital Marketing

Who I am. Aside from work life, balance advocate, I also like to empower women and the youth. As an adult, I have been through a lot of struggles, depression, sacrifices and I feel that being able to guide and share whatever I can to the world can give impact to another soul. I like being involved in healthy discussions and most of all, I love to listen to stories and be able to give my insights whether it will be on life, belief, career, family and others.

What I do. First of all, I am a mother and a wife to my family. Secondly, I am a Digital Marketing Project Manager for a company based in Miami. I am handling a team that specialises in marketing, web development, SEO and design. On the sideline, I also work as a consultant for startup companies where I help them develop their system and processes for their departments and day-to-day activities.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to follow people of authority. At the same time, I use it to post helpful content that I believe is worth-sharing. Rather than posting on other social media, I think people here on LinkedIn are like me who wants to get value and hungry of knowledge. They are not here to gossip and compare their food and travels with the other people but rather learn from everyone’s experience.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I want to share my blessings to everyone by being able to help even in small ways. If you need any advice or guidance, just shoot me a message and I will answer you as much as I can. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Francis Kong, Jeff Manhilot, Virginia Bautista, Gary V, Neil Patel, Liz Ryan and many many more.

My favourite or most successful post. Not the most successful but whenever I see this post, I remember a lot of things behind it. This was the first ever event that I organised as the LinkedInLocal host and I can say it was very successful. We had a full house and powerhouse speakers. I also feel nostalgic when I remember the behind the scenes preparation for this event and how we learned from it that we became better with our future events. 

89. Ronaldo Turla

Number of Followers: 1,239
Industry: HR Consultancy

Who I am. Passionate HR Professional who believes in Talent Development. 

What I do. HR Consultant, Speaker, Author.

What I use LinkedIn for. Business and Networking.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I share my insights on current human resource practice and I believe that the Filipino talent is truly global. In the field of HR, becoming world-class is achievable. My focus is on sharing knowledge and articles focusing on talent development, emotional intelligence, performance management. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Patrick Lencioni, Ray Dalio, Bill Gates, Daniel Goleman, David Green, Brigette Hyacinth.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

 90. Rock Cleo

Number of Followers: 1,207
Industry: Design Thinking / Creative Industry

Who I am. I am a simple creative director. I look like an addict but I’m religious. I believe that God is my designer. Most of my life plans didn’t work out, because he had a better plans for me. I am a living testimony of “walking by faith and not by sight”. Only God knows, whatever happens in the future. I just continue what I’m doing and I’m doing it for HIM.

What I do. Design Sprint 2.0 Master/Creative Director/Creative Education Officer /Visual Com Expert/ Design Thinking Consultant.

What I use LinkedIn for. Professional Networking. Sharing my expertise. Learning from others as well. 

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I regularly post about career advice for creatives and graphic designers.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Chris Do, Jake Knapp, Tim Brown, Jeff Manhilot, Virginia Bautista, Ken Lorean, Gary Vaynerchuk.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my most successful post. Why? I started to share my tips and didn’t talk about myself. 

My best advice to Filipino professionals. Keeping EMPATHY in mind will affect how you view the other person and influence how you deal with them.

How LinkedIn has helped me with my career. My last job and the biggest break that I had in my life was made here on LinkedIn. I was discovered by headhunters and got my dream job in my dream company. And this is the best thing that ever happened to me. At first, I was just using LinkedIn as my journal. I post almost every important event in my career. Then when I started my own company, the theme changed. Now, I’m paying it forward. I try my best to post career advice, tips for creatives and graphic designer to be more productive and efficient. Hoping that my life lessons during my corporate days could help them, inspire them and be the best version of themselves. Every shares, likes and comments I get inspire me more. 

91. Martine De Luna

Number of Followers: 1,149
Industry: Personal Growth

Who I am. I am driven by my purpose to grow and to be a contribution to humanity. I am here to help people step into their most powerful, love-filled selves, a mission that encompasses everyone from my family (spouse and children), to my community, to my clients, to my beneficiaries. I believe in embracing ONENESS and that oneness is the path to healing and peace in this world we have been given to care for. I believe that each individual has the capacity to step into their true identity, to express the power flowing through them into creative ventures and projects that contribute to making the world better.

What I do. I’m a Transformational Coach and Personal Brand Strategist.

What I use LinkedIn for. I recently started to be active on LinkedIn, to share my angle on what personal growth is and also on how I can help people.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I know I’m a fantastic coach and mentor for the person who aligns with my core values. I am an encourager, truth-teller, tough-love giver and a friend too. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow Virginia Bautista, Kassy Pajarillo, Gary Vaynerchuck, Fabienne Fredrickson, Ariana Huffington, and Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my most successful post because people are sketchy and fearful around sales: I’m not. I’m confident that sales is an INSIDE, a transformative job of the person’s programming and mindset. I feel this is a powerful message that more and more organisations can benefit from hearing: change the energy & mindset of a person = change their results.

92. Kristine “Kurly” de Guzman

Number of Followers: 1,143
Industry: Coaching & Consulting

Who I am. When people ask me what makes me stand out as a coach or speaker/facilitator, I say that I’m real. I value uniqueness, authenticity and relationships. I love bringing people together, creating and exploring new ideas and getting into genuine and deep conversations. Above all, I value my faith and my family. 

What I do. I am proud to be a Career & Life Coach, who once started as an IT Professional. My job and passion allows me to connect people with each other and most importantly with themselves. I am an advocate for pursuing a career (and ultimately living a life) that feeds your mind, fills your heart and aligns with your purpose.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use Linkedin to spread and exchange ideas, to inspire and be inspired, as well as to learn new things. It’s a good way to connect and reconnect with new and old contacts, get to know the latest in my industry and in the job market.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. One of the things I truly love is learning. I not only learn for myself but I also help others learn too. I keep my posts real, inspirational and practical. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Many! Virginia Bautista, Francis Kong, Jeff Manghilot, Henrik Kofod-Hansen, Penny Bongato, other fellow authors and coaches, as well as my own clients! 

My favourite or most successful post. This is both my most successful and my favourite post because burn-out and stress are very real in the workplace these days. Many people experience it, but not many are ready to actually face their fears and take action. In this article, I shared practical tips on how to plan for one’s career shift. 

93. Tom Immanuel M. Santos

Number of Followers: 984
Industry: Consumer Healthcare / Pharma /FMCG

Who I am. To live my life I try very hard to follow LIFE. First, we need to be clear on Who we believe in and who we are (Faith) since we didn’t arrive here on this planet by accident. Second , we must strive to achieve our potential (Evolve). I believe we are only limited by the limits we set upon ourselves. Third, we are not here only for ourselves, we must use our time to make a difference in the world (Impact). Lastly, we must never forget to enjoy the journey along with our loved ones (Live). To paraphrase what William Wallace said: “Everybody dies but not everyone lives.” L- live I- impact F- Faith E -evolve.

What I do. Leader / Professional Coach / Learner.

What I use LinkedIn for. Top 3 things I use linked in for: Connecting with people to learn, sharing information that could add value to others and career opportunities.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You could opt to follow me if you are willing to add another connection who primarily shares information on leadership, coaching and self-development. I could also share from time to time information on strategy and execution related to my field of expertise. You should also unfollow me if what I share does not provide value for you.  

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow many people on LinkedIn as I find that you can learn from anyone. My top 3 would be: Francis Kong, Ian Santos, Jeff Manhilot.

My favourite or most successful post. This is my favourite post because of two things: One; the four leaders whom I just met briefly, in many ways manifest my LIFE principle and two; leadership is something I take to heart. To meet like-minded leaders from different fields is awesome and full of learning.

94. Jonah Chipeco

Number of Followers: 975
Industry: Training/ Marketing / Communication

Who I am. Values – I believe that your job or business is not the end goal so don’t exchange it with your dreams for the sake of having one. Happiness is the key to productivity. You can become anyone you desire to be as long as you keep learning, communicating your goals and partnering with the right people.     

Story – I started my entrepreneurial story as a busy and hardworking breadwinner. I was a marketing manager for a non-profit when I began to pursue side gigs like selling bags, freelance writing and organising workshops for five years to make ends meet.

Until I hit a crossroad in my life through an accident. I slipped and hit my back while traveling to a meeting on a rainy day.  It took me three months of medical leave and six months of therapy to reflect.  

I realised that I’ll only live once and money should not be an issue when choosing my path.  So I asked myself the questions: 

  • What do I want to do for the rest of my life?  
  • What’s the ultimate dream I want to pursue?
  • How do I want to serve others?

This led me to embrace my dream to become a global speaker and author. I started by launching myself as a freelance business writing trainer in 2016 and eventually built Writing Hacks Academy. 

What I do. I help professionals and entrepreneurs promote their personal brand or business by teaching writing and content marketing principles.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and to attract professionals who want to learn business writing and content marketing. I occasionally promote my seminars and online programmes.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Follow me to learn tips, tricks, and tools in writing and content marketing.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Virginia Bautista, Francis Kong, Jonathan Yabut, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Tracy.

My favourite or most successful post. Inc. Southeast Asia also published the tips I shared on this post in one of their interviews with PR practitioners including Ken Lerona.

95. Kristine Anne Taton

Number of Followers: 824
Industry: Business consultancy / marketing consultancy

Who I am. I’m Kristine Mutuc-Taton, the Opportunistic Marketer. Opportunistic Marketing for me, is what we call the strategy of knowing what you want for your business, knowing your unique identity as a brand and seeking and getting the right opportunities to tap your customers and grow your business. 

It’s my passion to mentor sole proprietors, infopreneurs and startups in their branding and marketing journey through my consultancy sessions and retainers. I also do a lot of marketing & branding workshops, online selling workshops and book marketing workshops.

What I do. Currently a freelance marketing consultant, focused on product launches, branding and online marketing, trainings.

What I use LinkedIn for. Marketing trends / industry trends , see what other professionals are up to.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. At my best effort, I produce well thought-of content related to marketing, branding and grabbing growth opportunities. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Sinek, Kassy Pajarillo, Francis Miranda, JPaul Hernandez.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

96. Doreen Cooper

Number of Followers: 724
Industry: Training & Professional Speaking

Who I am. I am passionate about transformative learning. I believe in its capability to improve lives. Enabling people with knowledge and skills to help them go further in their careers is my calling. I constantly challenge myself to find out what concerns professionals face in the workplace and the best ways of helping them learn what they need to succeed. 

I believe that people learn best when they associate a feeling with what they’re learning. This is something well-designed learning experiences can do – structured learning events created to make learning fun and enjoyable while being meaningful. 

I am passionate about helping others. I started the #superwithcooper movement when I went freelance in 2014 after leaving my regional training role at McKinsey & Company. It was not just a hashtag for me. It was an undertaking to help people believe in themselves and build their best possible lives by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to accomplish great work and hone their professional relationships. 

I am also passionate about getting my message out there. I believe in finding the best channels to reach the right audiences. As someone who strongly values work excellence, I believe that, as a part of the learning and development industry in the Philippines, I have the responsibility of elevating learning and development practices to enable our people and help our country.

What I do. I am an international trainer for communication and self-development. I find deep fulfillment in helping my clients discover the learning needs of their employees and designing and facilitating learning interventions to address those needs. Helping my participants learn and seeing breakthroughs happen in my workshops are amazing experiences. I am a professional speaker. I am asked to deliver keynote speeches to share insights to college students and professionals on how they can go further in their careers. As a speaker, I am normally tasked to challenge and inspire my audience. 

Another role I sometimes take on in the industry of professional speaking is as a corporate events host. I started my public speaking journey 20 years ago with hosting big school events while I was still a student. 

What I use LinkedIn for. LinkedIn, for me, is a great tool to connect with like-minded professionals who are interested in developing themselves. It has great learning resources which I can use to help me develop professionally. It is also a great platform to be updated of what is happening in different industries through my connections and the different engagements they take part of. 

LinkedIn also helps me keep an eye on the vacancies available to see what companies are looking for, information which helps me keep my workshops relevant.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. Please follow me on LinkedIn, not just to learn from the insights I draw from my knowledge and experiences, but also to learn from the insights I gain from my shortcomings and challenges faced.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow business and industry leaders as well as like-minded individuals who help expand what I know about different industries.

My favourite or most successful post. The post is a reminder that we all have a choice with our present circumstances and how to move forward in life.

97. Ma. Monique Castro

Number of Followers: 704
Industry: Food and Beverage Industry

Who I am. I am a self-starter and an optimistic individual who loves to shape and tell the stories of brands that I am passionate about. My curiosity and keenness to learn both in academe and in practice has kept me engaged in living a full life and in the work that I get to do. Hence, you won’t be surprised if I pick up new hobbies and skills every now and then such as surfing and golf or if I take on a new role at work from time to time. 

I am not afraid to unlearn, learn and relearn while continuously providing value in whatever work I get to do with the hope of making an impact in my own little way. And as I strive to live a life of total wellness, I hope to share what I experience through a blog with simple tips on financial literacy, physical and mental fitness and travel. 

What I do. I currently lead the Sustainability, PR and Corporate Affairs priorities of one of the leading beverage companies in the Philippines. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I have been a member of LinkedIn for many years but it was only a year ago when I started using it on a regular basis to share what we do in the company in line with our sustainability programme with the hope of inspiring others to lead a purpose-driven business as well. Further, I get to learn from colleagues and experts in different industries and discover best practices and trends.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. My regular posts would consist of what we do in the company in line with our sustainability priorities. You would learn about what we do in reshaping our business to a purpose-driven one through our projects with the hopes of inspiring you to do the same for yours. From time to time I share my insights and views on people management, branding and managing the millennial workforce. All of these are written in simple, everyday language that you would get to easily understand.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Inspiring people and colleagues in the industry who are the prime movers in sustainability, branding, communications and marketing.

My favourite or most successful post. My favourite post on LinkedIn would have to be my first article on how to shape the millennial workforce to be the next leaders. This is my favourite because I was able to share how being an empowered millennial helped me advance in my career while also providing a different perspective on empowerment in today’s setting.

98. Veronica T. Estrella

Number of Followers: 668
Industry: Consulting

Who I am. I am a mother, a wife, educator, an entrepreneur, a friend to many, a coach and mentor to the willing, an HR practitioner, an advocate of talent development, a disrupter of human resources practice, a dreamer. I had been in the field of Human Resources for over two decades and it has been the instrument for building connections and most relationships that I have now. 

What I do. I am currently a consultant in the field of human resources and business consulting. I am also a part-time faculty member of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and also the heart, hand and mind behind Vonec’s Floral Garden.

What I use LinkedIn for. I use Linkedin to keep me updated in almost all professional-related matters, connecting to other professionals, for both providing inspiration and for learning.  

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I put value on things that I believe matter the most in life and in our practice. It is my advocacy to build talent that adapts to the evolving world. This is embodied in the posts that I like and I share on Linkedin.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow fellow influencers such as Ariana Huffington of Thrive Global, Adam Grant, Gretchen Rubin, Richard Branson, as well as organisations and groups that I had either been part of or had influenced me in their endeavours, such as Shell, Talent, Leadership and Change Consulting etc. 

My favourite or most successful post. liked this post the most because it generated private messages from people who shared with me their personal love for teaching and asked for advice and encouragement to also pursue their dream. That is one reason I shared the post – to inspire. Thank you for this opportunity and for making LinkedIn extraordinary.

99. Cara Wilson

Number of Followers: 665
Industry: Workforce Development for women

Who I am. I believe in the potential of Filipino women to excel in tech.

What I do. I run a foundation that upskills financially-challenged women into Data Science.

What I use LinkedIn for. To connect to professionals that share our desire to create sustainable change.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. You should follow me because our solution is working. We have a 92% job placement rate with salary increase of 278% for our graduates after a 14 week free course.

Who I follow on LinkedIn. Ikhlaq Sidhu, Carol Dominguez, FTW Foundation, Women Who Code, Harvard University.

My favourite or most successful post. Here’s my favourite/most successful post

100. Marla Garin-Alvarez

Number of Followers: 622
Industry: Business Information Services

Who I am. I am a mother, wife, a corporate communications professional and a diversity & inclusion expert.

What I do. I am responsible for bringing to life our diverse workforce and inclusive workplace culture in all Thomson Reuters locations in Asia Pacific. I work across the organisation from senior executives to employees and partner with HR to design and determine localised approaches to D&I in response to local challenges and complexities. 

What I use LinkedIn for. I use LinkedIn for sharing my professional experiences, championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, professional development, networking and learning about people and what they do/think/share.

Why you should follow me on LinkedIn. I love to learn and share with others what I’ve learned so we can all broaden our knowledge, understand how others think and appreciate how people around the world role model excellence, integrity and inclusion in whatever they do. 

Who I follow on LinkedIn. I follow Thomson Reuters, Bill and Melinda Gates, Debra Walton and Richard Branson. 

My favourite or most successful post. This is one of my favourite and most successful posts because advocating for gender equity is very close to my heart. I’m in my element when speaking about issues and challenges that professional women like me face on a daily basis and what we do to come out more self-confident and unbowed despite these. 

If you’ve reached reading this far, thank you! At the end of the day, what matters is not the number of followers you have or the number of likes, comments or reshares you’re receiving on LinkedIn, but your commitment to consistently help your fellow Filipinos achieve their professional goals either on or off LinkedIn. 

Follow or connect with each of them, and you never know —  your next mentor could be one of them! Your success on LinkedIn starts with connecting with the right person at the right time. And now’s the perfect time to follow or connect with them!

Also nominated was Cliff Meng Adora who made it to the final list. Cliff was glad to have been nominated by the Filipino LinkedIn community; however, as an employee at LinkedIn Corp., Cliff decided to waive his spot to give way to another deserving Filipino LinkedIn member.

Based on nominations by fellow Filipino LinkedIn members, more than 180 members were nominated but only those with a minimum count of 500 followers and who were active in the last 30 days as of August 2019 were included in the final list of the Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning 2019. The ranking was based on the number of followers they have as of November 25, 2019.

This project was completed in collaboration with Virnielle BautistaMalissa AncajasJennette CajucomDeserie Notario and Marketing In Asia’s Editorial Team.

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