To doubt, to dream and to dedicate

My LinkedIn Story

By Kurly de Guzman, LinkedIn Top Voice | Career & Leadership Coach

Do you second-guess yourself?

I do.

Sometimes, I feel invisible, unrecognized and unacknowledged.

And though I dreamed of it, I never thought nor expected that someone like me, who hasn’t even made it to the top 10 of the Top 100 Filipinos on Linkedin would be chosen as one of the two (as of writing) Filipinos to be selected as a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Doubting & Dreaming

It all started six years ago.

On December 15, 2018, I reached out to Virginia Bautista to ask about a LinkedIn Consulting promo that I came across on Facebook. At that time, I was in the process of writing my book, had some real paying clients already, but somehow still struggled in getting a steady stream.

My message to Virginia Bautista on facebook
My message to Virginia Bautista on facebook

I’ve proven many times that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. So when I saw her post and heard of her work, I knew that she’s the best person to help me. Truth to be told, I didn’t have the resources to invest in her program, but I was determined to learn and to grow my business. Thankfully, my mom agreed to share the cost as her Christmas gift to me. (Yup, that’s how committed I was!)

And the rest as they say is history.

My 1st LinkedIn Local Event in December 2019


Early this year, when I earned my blue badge for being a LinkedIn Top Voice, the first thought that came to mind was, “I can’t wait to tell Virginia. She would be so proud.” So I sent her a message on Linkedin, hoping it would somehow reach her.

A milestone I know I wouldn’t have achieved without Virginia

You see, apart from being a LinkedIn Expert, Virginia was one of those who encouraged and inspired me. Whenever we talked, I felt her genuine care and belief that I can put myself out there. When I was dilly dallying on starting my LinkedIn Newsletter, she pushed me to make it happen. More than 50 editions later, thankfully by God’s grace, my newsletter continues to reach and help many.

Paying it forward

If you’re still at a point where you are doubting yourself, thinking you are not good enough or that nobody will listen to you, allow me to tell you that YOU ARE CAPABLE. As a Career and Leadership Coach, I believe and have witnessed that everyone has something to offer.

So here’s my little offering to you. A list of my top 5 tips for your LinkedIn journey:

#1 Don’t do it alone

We all need support! Find a mentor, coach or a mastermind group that can support your learning and growth.

#2 Strengthen your why

Your why is your anchor when times are tough. It’s what will keep you going. When you have a strong and clear intention and a vision that’s bigger than yourself, you’ll get through.

#3 Always give value

LinkedIn isn’t all about promoting or selling. What keeps the community alive and vibrant are people who continue to give value through their content, and their willingness to share what they know and have.

#4 Don’t just grow numbers, build relationships

Numbers are good indicators of progress and performance. But honestly speaking, it can take a toll on you too! Get to know people genuinely, have real conversations and you’ll be surprised at how this can benefit you personally and professionally.

#5 Trust the process

Building your presence on LinkedIn doesn’t happen instantly. Relationships and trust take time to build. And this is why you must have a strong anchor (See #2) because you won’t immediately get the results you want.

Final Note on Doubts, Dreams and Dedication

This year, I thank all those who have nominated me to be on the Top 100 Filipinos list again, but with respect, I’d love to be on the sidelines this time cheering for you. I’d love to allow more Filipinos to turn their doubts into dreams, and to continue to dedicate how FIlipinos have made a mark on and off LinkedIn, to our beloved Virginia Bautista.

Author: Kurly de Guzman

LinkedIn Top Voice | Career & Leadership Coach | Kurly is helping leaders and coaches bring out the best in themselves and others, to thrive in their careers. Connect with Kurly on LinkedIn

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